Great War Theatre

Address: Morely Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire, England

Performances at this Theatre

Date Script Type
24 Aug 1914 The Spy [The Spy Peril] Unknown
28 Dec 1914 The Mystery Gun Professional
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There is a well-balanced programme at the Alhambra Theatre, one of the features being "The Mystery Gun," in which a human being is fired through a steel armoured-plate target. (Leeds Mercury - Tuesday 29 December 1914)
26 Jul 1915 The Silver Lining Unknown
13 Sep 1915 Ladies First Professional
8 Nov 1915 The Lollard Unknown
15 Nov 1915 The Frenchwoman Professional
20 Dec 1915 La Revue Tricolore Professional
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‘The programme at the Bradford Alhambra this week is mainly French. Most of the time is occupied by a smart musical revue entitled “Le Moulin Rouge,” much of which is given in French, but the drift of things can be followed easily enough, even though the language is not understood’ (Yorkshire Evening Post, 21 December 1915). ‘A sparkling revue, and a welcome change from the show generally associated with this title, should prove a big attraction at the Alhambra Theatre, Bradford, this week. It is produced under the name of “Le Moulin Rouge” (first appearance in Bradford), and is presented by M. Jean Fabert, manager and proprietor of the Moulin Rouge in Paris. Although most of the artistes are French, the major portion of the revue is played in English, and a strong feature is some splendid singing and classical dancing. Mention must also be made of a most effective tableau representing a supposed meeting of Wellington and Napoleon, who compare the present conflict with that of historic fame, whilst a realistic scene is furnished by the appearance of a French trench “somewhere in France,” in which an old French song is well sung. The principal parts are effectively sustained by Mdlle Adlou Lona and Mdlle. Nelli Corti, whilst a clever solo dance is executed by Mdlle. Evelyn Kelly. The comedy element is by no means neglected, and in this respect Frank Attree and Jaques Lerner keep the audience merry with their witticisms. M. Gayto, “The Mad Skater,” gives a wonderful dancing performance on roller skates, and the vivacity of Leo Darly delights the audience, and is especially good in a little love episode with a Scotch soldier. The closing scene is a feast of splendour, representing “The night of the Four Arts’ Ball”' (Bradford Weekly Telegraph, 24 December 1915).
17 Jan 1916 War Mates Professional
17 Jan 1916 War Mates Professional
31 Jan 1916 Du Théâtre au Champ D'Honneur Professional
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Performed by Sarah Bernhardt: 'Knowledge of the French language is unnecessary; it would be almost an advantage to be ignorant of it; for no mere words, however beautiful they may be, could form a fitting framework for such a noble edifice. (Yorkshire Evening Post, 1 February 1916)
18 Sep 1916 In the Trenches Professional
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Performed for the week.
16 Oct 1916 The Chef Unknown
5 Mar 1917 In the Trenches Professional
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Performed for the week by Harry Buss. Other acts on the same bill: Florence Way and Company in 'His Own Way', Joseph Hollman ('cellist), Mella Webb and Elvyn Hedges (entertainers), Connor and Maxon (comedy duo), Jackley and Le 'Sine (eccentric comedians), Purcella and Ramsay (singers and dancers), the Cochens (Indian equilibrists).
11 Jun 1917 Joyland Professional
20 May 1918 Rations Professional
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‘A “revuette” entitled “Rations,” one of Fred. Karno’s productions, is the principal item on the programme at the Bradford Alhambra this week. Robb Wilton is the leading comedian’. Yorkshire Evening Post, 21 May 1918.
1 Jul 1918 Flying Colours Professional
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‘Another Captain Bairnsfather sketch, written round Old Bill, is given at the Bradford Alhambra, but is hardly to be compared with “The Better ‘Ole,” though Mr. Harry Thurston is good as Bill’. Yorkshire Evening Post, 2 July 1918.
9 Sep 1918 The Passing Show Of 1918 Professional

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