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Examiner of Plays' Summary:

Nell was a waif [...] brought up by Steve, the wicked lighthouse-keeper, and his wicked father Dave, because the latter has found - and keeps hidden - papers which prove her to be the heiress of Alwerstone Hall. She is now grown up and Steve intends to marry her, but she hates him for his brutality. Richard, the hero and the actual owner of the hall, protects her against Steve and also, unfortunately, protects her in another sense. A German spy with a female English accomplice bribes Steve to let the light out and so destroy Richard and his ship; Nell hears, and consents to marry Steve if he does not; Richard thinks she is false to him. Eight years pass, Nell has a child, really Richard's. The female spy, Hilda, turns up again and says she is the heiress, but the papers are found by the comic man and Nell is established as mistress in the hall. Steve has become a smuggler and is killed in a fight with the coastguard, after an abortive attempt to poison Nell. So that she and Richard and the child will be happy ever after. It is rather a pity, and unusual in melodrama, that the hero and heroine should have 'sinned', but their is no offensiveness in the play and rough justice is certainly administered. Recommended for license, G. S. Street

License Number: 3937



British Library Reference: LCP1915/34

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66120 R


21 Oct 1915 Hippodrome, MexboroughProfessional
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Advertisement in The Stage, p. 38, 21 October 1915. New production by Mrs. Frank Bateman's Company. No performance dates but described as 'Production Christmas'.
28 Oct 1915 Theatre Royal, SheffieldProfessional
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Advertisement, p. 38, The Stage, 28 October 1915 New Production by Mrs. Frank Bateman's Company.
28 Oct 1915 Royal Hippodrome, WednesburyProfessional
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Advertisement, p. 38, The Stage, 28 October 1915. Mrs. Frank Bateman's New Production. No performance dates but following venue to Theatre Royal Sheffield ca. 28 October 1915.
3 Jan 1916 Empire Theatre, Boosbeck, Nr MiddlesboroughUnknown Licensed Performance
17 Jan 1916 Rotunda, LiverpoolProfessional
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Advertised in The Stage, p. 37, 20 January 1916. Mrs. Frank Bateman's Company
24 Jan 1916 Theatre Royal, JarrowProfessional
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Advertisement in The Stage 20 January 1916. Mrs. Frank Bateman's Company.