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Another spy play. Sir John Shelton of 'the criminal investigation department' is annoyed with his son Dick for not enlisting. It soon appears that Dick's reason for waiting is that he is on the track of Hilton, Sir John's 'alien interpreter' whom he suspects of being a German spy. By a rather complicated affair of disguise revolvers and so forth, he conclusively unmasks Hilton. A slight love interest is added. G. S. Street

Licensed On: 29 Sep 1914

License Number: 2962



British Library Reference: LCP1914/30

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66078 L


12 Oct 1914 Hippodrome, HammersmithUnknown Licensed Performance
30 Oct 1914 [No Theatre Listed], Unknown
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About four weeks ago Hunter produced this topical sketch, "The Coward," dealing with The Spy Danger. It may be mentioned here that Mr Hunter like many other people, considers the five miles limit for aliens absurd, and he believes there is a lot of correspondence passed that never goes through the post. He considers the only way to trap German spies is for a person, if clever enough, to become a "German" for the time being. Mr Hunter took to the stage about twenty years ago, and has had an active and successful career. In Africa he has toured with his own company in such plays as "The Silver King," Sherlock Holmes," etc. Horace Hunter and his charming wife (Lily Hammersley) are two of the best. They are artists of the calibre that would ensure the success of any sketch, provided the material was there. Scottish Referee Friday 30 October 1914
18 Nov 1914 Empire Theatre, GlasgowUnknown
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George Mozart in his latest Thumb Nail Sketches Sammy Shields the Football Maniac Horace Hunter & Co New Sketch "The Coward" The Kirbys Jenny Johns Benedetti Bros Fred Durant & Co And the Harlequinaders, in Mirth and Melody The Scotsman - Thursday 19 November 1914