Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

A feeble melodrama, such interest as it has not being sustained, but free from violence and unpleasantness. The chief villain is a woman who having had a child by a minor villain puts the blame on her sister, assisted by the general fatuity of the good people. Then the minor villain gets into the toils of a German spy and is nearly an accomplice in a light-house plot for sinking a transport, but repents and makes a clean breast of things. The plot is defeated by the heroine, Mary, and a final effort of wickedness in which the female villain and the spy try to rob the former's father of his savings is defeated by her and a boy scout. There is the usual love-making and comic relief, all inoffensive. Recommended for license, G. S. Street.

Licensed On: 16 Jun 1915

License Number: 3506



British Library Reference: LCP1915/16

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66102 F


21 Jun 1915 Theatre Royal, ChathamUnknown Licensed Performance
28 Jun 1915 Theatre Royal, ChathamProfessional
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First staged on 28 June, and intended for subsequent tour.