Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

A patriotic production of which little need be said. Britannia sits on a throne and the allies, represented by children, come and make speeches and dance. Britannia also delivers speeches, and so does John Bull etc. It is all very well meant, and tough a foolish person might object that it a little too much suggests that the allies are subordinate to Britannia, that of course is not in the least intended. The verse is doggerel, but very well meant. Recommended for license. G. S. Street

Licensed On: 23 May 1917

License Number: 965




British Library Reference: LCP1917/11

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66166 F


9 Jan 1915 Royal Victoria Station Hotel, SheffieldAmateur
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The 'Sheffield Independent' noted (11 January 1915) that: 'Miss Davidson, who is well-known as the author of "Stories from the Operas" [...] Although its first presentation, "Britannia's Revue" is available for public performance, and all profits made by the author from sale of the copies will be given to the British Red Cross Society'. Performers included: Miss Margaret Robson (Britannia), George Longden (John Bull), Jackie Robins (diminutive soldier), Miss A Wilks (singer), Miss Dorothy Vernon (aeroplane) plus dancers.
18 Jan 1915 Third Northern General Hospital, SheffieldAmateur
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The play was produced by Mrs Winifred Smith and Miss Norma Smith for soldiers at the hospital. It went 'straight to the hearts of the soldiers' (Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 20 January 1915)
6 Mar 1915 ?, SheffieldSchool
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Two performances were given in aid of Belgian refugees by Gleadless Road Evening School pupils with Miss Caston as Britannia: 'the big attraction was, no doubt, the performance by the girls of the evening school [...] it was really a very enjoyable presentation' (Sheffield Independent, 8 March 1915)
18 Mar 1915 Temperance Hall, SheffieldAmateur
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A performance in aid of the Serbian Relief Fund. Individuals involved were: Mrs Winifred Smith (producer), Miss Norma Smith (producer), Miss Margaret Robson (Britannia), George Longden (John Bull), Miss Kitty Norwood (Belgium), Miss Barbara Jackson (India), Miss Margaret Hardy (singer), Jackie Robins (little soldier), Gladys Davidson (History), Vera Forrest (dancer), Harry Barnes (dancer), Dorothy Vernon (dancer), Norma Smith (dancer), Mrs E Winifred Smith (accompanist).
3 Jan 1916 Kiveton Park Cinema House, SheffieldSchool
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The performance was in aid of Kiveton Park Ladies' Voluntary War Fund and given by children from Shireoaks, with Mr James Stocks supervising: 'There was a crowded audience [...] the revue was very well staged and given' (Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 4 February 1916).
25 Nov 1916 Albert Hall, SheffieldAmateur
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This performance was given for the benefit of the munitions worker. It was given by the Eva Rich's Ladies Choir, with dances by Misses Calladine, and songs by Miss Elsie Hadfield. Mr W. S. Jackson was the stage manager. The Sheffield Daily Telegraph noted on 26 November 1916 that 'Several fresh features have been added, and Miss Davidson's clever play has lost none of its charm but has rather gained in interest by the addition of new Allies who have joined Britain and France since it was last produced. Foremost among them at the present moment is Rumania [...] Montenegro, Italy and Portugal are also fresh subjects.'
28 Nov 1916 Empire, RotherhamUnknown
28 Nov 1916 Empire, RotherhamUnknown
11 Dec 1916 ?, PorthcawlUnknown
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Given at Porthcawl in aid of the Nursing Association.
9 Jan 1917 Corn Exchange, FaringdonAmateur
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Performed on 9 and 10 January 1917. Given in aid of the Faringdon Branch of the Farmers' Red Cross Fund by Dudley Barlow (producer), A. Davis (conductor), Miss Kathleen Walker (singer), Mr R. A. Abraham (singer) who was on leave from the Front, and Miss Nancy Penson (dance arranger), Also performed were 'Eyes and no eyes or The Art of Seeing'.
6 Feb 1917 Corn Exchange, FaringdonAmateur
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Given in aid of the Faringdon Branch of the Farmers' Red Cross Fund by Dudley Barlow (producer), A Davis (conductor), Mrs Hall (accompanist), Miss Muriel Abraham (Britannia), Miss Hilda Leigh (Scotland), Miss Nancie Penson (Ireland), Miss Ena List (Wales), Miss Gladys Blake (Red Cross Nurse), Mr A P Holtom (Jack Tar), Miss Mabel Cattell (Aeroplane), Mr R R Broad (John Bull), Mr C R S Loxley (Tommy Atkins), Miss Lilian Holtom (English Rose). Also performed was 'Eyes and no eyes or The Art of Seeing'.
24 May 1917 Lyceum Theatre, SheffieldAmateur Licensed Performance
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Whilst the play had been performed since January 1915, this was the first time the play was performed with a license from the Lord Chamberlain. The performance was in aid of the Soldiers' Comforts Fund. 'Britannia's Revue needs no introduction to a Sheffield audience but those who did not see yesterday's performance missed one of the best numbers comprising the series, namely, the entry of America, our latest ally, into Britannia's court.' Performers included: The Misses Calladine (presenters), Mis Lillas Hawson, Miss Winifred Unwin, other well-known elocutionists, Miss Ethel Prescott's Ladies' Choir.' (Sheffield Daily Telegraph)
25 Jun 1917 Elderslie, OckleyAmateur
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Performed in the grounds of Elderslie house in Ockley, Surrey in aid of the Red Cross Fund with Miss Lee as Britannia (actor), Miss Ferguson (dancer), Miss Meetin (dancer), Miss Charman (dancer), C Charman (actor), W A Jeater (singer), Miss Broughton (accompanist) Mrs Holden (accompanist),upper girls, lower standards girls, infants.
18 Dec 1917 Myope School, SheffieldSchool
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Performed between 18 and 21 December 1917 at Myope School for Colonel Connell's Fund by the pupils of Pupils of the Valley Road Myope School.
12 Jan 1918 Third Northern General Hospital, SheffieldOther
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Performed in aid of Colonel Connell's Fund, by the pupils of the Valley Road Myope School, with Miss Alice Jackson as John Bull: 'The sketch consisted of a delightful medley of pretty songs, captivating dances, and charming tableaux, whilst the spectacular effect was greatly enhanced by the dainty costumes of the young artists' (Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 14 January 1918).
14 Nov 1918 The Institute, CoventryAmateur
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Performed in aid of the funds of St Margaret's Church, Coventry.