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John Gordon Brandon (1879-1941), real name John Gordon Joyce, was an Australian-born writer who was initially a professional heavyweight boxer. His parents, John Gordon Joyce and Emma Bate, were actors. The 1911 consensus shows he had migrated to the UK, and was living in London under his real name, John Gordon Joyce. His first published novel was 'The Big Hunt' (1923). He wrote more than 120 novels, and numerous short stories which were published in 'The Thriller'. After writing another six novels in the 1920s, his most productive decade was the 1930s when he wrote 78 novels. Published posthumously, 'Death Skulks in Soho' (1959) would appear to be his final novel. Brandon wrote instalments in the long-running Sexton Blake series and his principal characters were Sexton Blake, Patrick Aloysius McCarthy and Arthur Stukeley Pennington. His son was the writer Gordon Brandon. Bankruptcy proceedings against John Brandon are recorded in 1930s and 1940. He died in Newbury, Berkshire sometime in 1941.

Gender: Male

Served in the armed forces? No

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