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13 Feb 1928 The TitleProfessional
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The Newcastle Journal, Saturday 11 February 1928, lists among ‘next week’s stage attractions’: ‘At the Playhouse, Jesmond, Arnold Bennett’s play, “The Title,” will be performed by the Newcastle Repertory Company. Originally produced in London at the Royalty Theatre, “The Title” is a satire of war-time honours lists. Richard Cuthbert will play the part of Mr Culver, and also in the cast will be Enid Cameron as Mrs Culver, Winifred Thompson as Hildegarde, Fletcher Allison as Mr Tranto, and J. B. Scott as the mysterious Sampson Straight’. ‘Honours being given to save the life of the Government, and often, unfortunately, to not very desirable people, Mr Culver (an eminently decent and respectable man), has been offered a title so that he, with a few others, might act as leaven to the List. And so “a baronet or not a baronet?” is the problem which he is set to answer in “The Title,” which is presented at the Playhouse this week. Of course Culver hasn’t any doubts as to what he ought to do, nor, really, has Mrs Culver; but she would so like to hear the parlourmaid say “Me Lady.” Mr Arnold Bennett has made much amusing satire out of this simple situation, and has found in it material for many a bright shaft' (Newcastle Journal, 14 February 1928).