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1 Apr 1925 The TitleAmateur
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‘A varied and interesting, though very lengthy programme was presented at the students’ performance at the Ben Greet Academy, Bedford Street given on April 1. This comprised the first act of Gerhart Hauptmann’s fairy play, “The Sunken Bell,” in C. H. Meltzer’s English version; the first act of Arnold Bennett’s satirical comedy, “The Title”; [and other items] … Miss Julia Hart … (most deceptively made up) played most humorously as young John Culver in “The Title,” in which the bright lad’s parents were represented passably by Mr. [Charles] Nield, much too deliberate of utterance, and Miss Florence Herbert, and his journalist sister, Hildegarde Culver, and her newspaper magnate-wooer had excellent treatment from charming Miss Iris Darbyshire and Mr. [Arnold] Dobson’. The Stage, 9 April 1925.