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29 Jan 1923 The TitleAmateur
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‘Eight members of the Leeds University Choral and Dramatic Society last night presented Mr. Arnold Bennett’s war-time comedy called “The Title.” The leading characters are engaged discussing from various standpoints the bestowal of honours ... It seems very hard upon poor Mr. Culver, with his stern, implacable outlook, that the author should thrust into his hands the offer of a baronetcy, and that he should have to struggle through two acts amid the contentions of a divided household on the question whether he should accept or refuse ... Some of the protestations are slightly artificial, and one is apt to get tired of whole of the baronetcy business, and to feel that the comedy is wearing rather thin ... On the whole the characters were cleverly impersonated, but there was far too much need of the services of the prompter, and the prompting was not, as a rule, taken up very readily. The performance consequently lacked finish, as several of the impersonators had recurring lapses. The chief exponents were Mr. J. Symonds, Mr. W. A. Sewell, Miss M. Dyson, Miss D. M. Hardaker, and Mr. L. Godlove; and the characterisation was in each case consistent and interesting’. Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer, 30 January 1923.