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25 Mar 1921 The TitleAmateur
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‘On Friday evening two hundred persons witnessed a performance of “The Title,” a three-act comedy by Arnold Bennett, which was given in the hall of Portobello Higher Grade School by the Portobello Players, all of whom are members of the Former Pupils’ Club of that school. The one responsible for the production was Mr T. Mitchell. and he is to be congratulated on his choice of principals and the successful manner in which the entertainment went off. In Miss H. L. Cavaye he found an excellent “Mrs Culver,” a very youthful looking mother of a girl of twenty, it must be admitted. but she acted the part to the manner born, and the passages between her and her husband over the title were the feature of the evening. Mr Cecil A. F. Cairns filled the role of the husband, and his acting was most natural. “Hildegarde Culver” was impersonated by Miss Peggy Gunn in a very creditable manner. In the parts of “John Culver” and “Trant” [sic] Mr John Rathbone and Mr Bryce Nisbet combined with the others in maintaining the high standard of the acting. Miss Eva Baillie’s “Miss Starkey” was good, while the parts of the “Parlourmaid” and “Sampson Straight” were in the capable hands of Miss Annie Ritchie and Mr Tom Rodgers. The performance was repeated on Saturday evening, when the success of the previous evening was repeated. On this occasion, however, all the principal parts were in new hands, with the exemption of that of “Parlourmaid,” in which Miss Annie Ritchie again appeared. The names of those who attained success were - Miss Eleanor Donald, Miss Catherine Arthur, Miss Beth Brown, Mr Chas. Watt, Mr Andrew Royal, Mr Walter Wyatt, and Mr Ian Paterson. At the conclusion, Mr T. Mitchell thanked the audience for the generous patronage that had been given, and announced future attractions. On Saturday night the playing of the incidental music by Mr J. A. Smith was greatly admired’. Midlothian Journal, Friday 1 April 1921.