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8 Mar 1919 The TitleAmateur
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'The playing of women’s parts in the theatre by men or boys has all sorts of historical sanctions and precedents, and at our own doors Mr. Lynam’s pupils have often shown us how cleverly the necessary illusion can be created … The playing of that most modern and up-to-date of comedies - it is a satire on the War Government and the muddied fountain of honour - Mr. Arnold Bennett’s “The Title,” by Somerville students without aid from mere men, in St. Mary’s Hall last week-end, was an overbold venture, even though there was a good cause to be benefited by the proceeds. As a matter of fact, the sparkle and glow of Mr. Bennett’s excellent dialogue, and the atmosphere of sly satire on Press and Parliament which permeates it, were very imperfectly realised. Still, the packed audiences, which included many undergraduates, seemed to heartily enjoy the performances, and the actors were very cordially applauded. The cast included Miss Cicely Williams as Mr. Culver, Miss Eva D. Spicer as Mrs. Culver, Miss Hilda M. Denney as Hildegarde, Miss Marjorie Hobhouse as John, and Miss Beryl Robinson as Tranto. The single scene, despite the lack of proper staging accommodation, was very prettily set’. Oxford Chronicle and Reading Gazette, Friday 14 March 1919.