Great War Theatre

Address: Northampton, UK

Performances at this Theatre

Date Script Type
20 Nov 1916 Kultur At Home Professional
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'The patriotic sentiment of the day and the natural antipathy for things German would inevitably make any play popular which exhibited German life in an unfavourable light, but “Kultur at Home” has a higher purpose than that. Although it is intensely dramatic and abounds in points which, because of their truth and consequent appeal to popular feeling evoke storms of applause, it is not a melodrama, but a faithful picture of German life just before the war drawn by two gifted dramatists, who have lived in the surroundings which they have depicted. It unveils the unceasing hatred of England which alone could have prompted the constant yearning for “Der Tag.” The story of the play is largely founded on fact'. Northampton Chronicle and Echo, 18 November 1916.
12 Feb 1917 The Bing Boys Are Here Professional
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‘“The Bing Boys Are Here” is at the Northampton Opera House this week. It is a light musical entertainment, half revue, half musical comedy, which has had an immense success in London. The crowded audience last night laughed loud and often. For people who enjoy comic songs and patter and pretty dancing, the Opera House should prove a great attraction this week'. Northampton Chronicle and Echo, 13 February 1917.
11 Jun 1917 Somewhere A Heart Is Breaking [The Coward Who Made Good] Professional
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The Northampton Chronicle and Echo, 9 June 1917, advertised Somewhere a Heart is Breaking (‘The Anti-Depression Play’) twice nightly the following week at the Opera House, except that on the Friday evening only The Mormon and The Maid would be presented. ‘This week, for five out of the six nights, Miss Winifred Maude is presenting “Somewhere a Heart is Breaking,” a great anti-depression play which is an excellent tonic in these days. The play is splendidly acted, that of Miss Winifred Maude as Ruth Stavely [sic – Staveley] being especially worthy of note. On Friday night the same company will give a play which deals with a subject of great topical interest, “The Mormon and the Maid.” The author is Ivan Patrick Gore, who is also the writer of the other play this week’ (Northampton Chronicle and Echo, 12 June 1917).
22 Apr 1918 Peace Time Prophecies or Stories Gone Wrong Professional
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The Northampton Chronicle and Echo, 20 April 1918, advertised Bubbly at the Opera House nightly from Monday 22 April with a Saturday matinee. The Era, 24 April 1918, listed Bubbly as On The Road from 22 April at the O.H., Northampton.
1 Sep 1919 The Amorist Professional
24 Apr 1920 The Female Hun Professional
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Walter Melville's new play direct from The Lyceum Theatre, London, will make a welcome appearance at the Opera House, Northampton, on Monday next. Full of exciting scenes and incidents, including an escape from a German internment camp, a thrilling fight in a submarine, an exciting race between two high speed aeroplanes, should prove welcome for the patrons of the Opera House. There is little doubt that the British public, who loves the Melvilleodrama, will flock to "The Female Hun." As is usual with the Melville's, the comedy element is not lacking, and the play should provide a welcome and exciting evening's entertainment. (Northampton Chronicle and Echo - Saturday 24 April 1920)
29 Nov 1920 The Amorist Professional
11 Apr 1921 The Girl from Ciro's Professional
10 Feb 1929 The Inca Of Perusalem Amateur
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‘At the monthly meeting of the Northampton Playgoers’ Association on Sunday, at the Opera House, Mr. Davidson’s Circle will read The Inca of Perusalem and Augustus Does His Bit’ (The Stage, 7 February 1929).