Great War Theatre

Address: Bristol, UK

Performances at this Theatre

8 Feb 1926 The New WordProfessional
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‘The [Bristol] Little Theatre Company this week are reviving three plays by Sir James M. Barrie, each of which bring back - to many at least - vivid recollections of those crowded days of campaigning. The mystery, the fantasy, the inscrutable, is each exemplified in these three pieces, and the infinite artistry of the master of stagecraft, and of diction, protrudes itself from practically very line in “The New Word,” “The Old Lady Shows Her Medals,” and “A Well-remembered Voice.” The first of the plays gave Little Theatre patrons … an excellent idea of the possibilities of casting under the new régime, for Edith Sharpe, as Roger’s mother; Peter Taylor Smith, as his father; Merle Tottenham, as his sister; and William Freshman, as Roger Torrance, were each well placed, and did credit to their respective parts’. Western Daily Press, Tuesday 9 February 1926.
26 Dec 1927 A Kiss For CinderellaProfessional
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The Western Daily Press, 20 July 1927, reported that Barrie’s A Kiss for Cinderella would be performed from Monday 26 December to Wednesday 4 January 1928 at the Little Theatre. Also the Western Daily Press, 6 September 1927. The Western Daily Press, 21 December 1927, published a preview of the production. It named the principals as: Cinderella, Janet Morrison; The Policeman, Clive Morton; Mr. Bodie, Ralph Hutton; The Queen, Joan Ingram; The King, Mervyn Johns; Dr. Bodie, Gipsy Ellis; and Fairy Godmother, Paula Trevanion. The Western Daily Press, 27 and 30 December 1927, published reviews of the production.
3 Feb 1930 The Luck Of The NavyUnknown
13 Apr 1931 A Kiss For CinderellaProfessional
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The Western Daily Press, 12 December 1930, mentioned the forthcoming production. The Western Daily Press, 9 April 1931, advertised the production. On 10 April it published a preview and on 14 April a review.