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24 Aug 1918 The Invisible FoeProfessional
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Performed from 24 August to 13 September 1918 by a cast including Emelie Polini (actress), Harmon Lee (actor), Maurice Dudley (actor), Cyril Mackay (actor), Clive Farnum (actor), Gerald Kay Souper (actor), Olive Wilton (actress), and Georgia Harvey (actress). "Whatever the value of the motive for the play, the contest is at least fought out in scenes of restrained power; and in these scenes Miss Polini, as Helen, and Mr Cyril Mackay, as Stephen, find opportunity. Miss Polini grasps it. ...Her study of the girl Helen is tender, finely human, and falls naturally to the character of her playing. ...The worst weakness of the play is its comedy, which seems to have been stuck in through a cynical estimate of the taste of an average audience. ...The audience on Saturday evening was appreciative of the performance." (The Age, 26 August 1918)