Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

Date Script Type
4 Jan 1915 Passing Events Professional
12 Jul 1915 The Frenchwoman Professional
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'The little play is full of thrills and is acted with great realism ...' (Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 13 July 1915)
24 Jul 1916 Joyland Professional
19 Mar 1917 Hunting Troubles Unknown
9 Apr 1917 Three Cheers Professional
16 Apr 1917 Joyland Professional
9 Jul 1917 Joyland Professional
22 Oct 1917 Inside the Lines Professional
14 Jan 1918 Nosey Knows Professional
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Performed for the week.
10 Jun 1918 Three Cheers Professional
29 Jul 1918 Flying Colours Professional
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‘“The Johnson ‘Ole,” another Bairnsfather play which is calculated to keep any audience laughing for thirty minutes continuously, is booked for the Empire [next week]. It will be supported variety bill which includes Dan Rolyat’. Sheffield Daily Telegraph, Friday 26 July 1918. ‘Another Bairnsfather play, “The Johnson ‘Ole,” is booked for the Empire [next week], and those who see it are assured of thirty minutes continuous laughter’. Sheffield Evening Telegraph, Friday 26 July 1918. ‘At the Empire [next week] Harry Thurston will appear as “Old Bill” in the “Johnson ‘Ole,” which is perhaps the funniest of the Bairnsfather trench episodes. No other “Old Bill” is quite like that of this famous comedian’. Sheffield Independent, Saturday 27 July 1918. ‘The star turn at the Empire is another Bairnsfather sketch - “The Johnson ‘Ole.” It is a sequel to “The Better ‘Ole,” and gives a funny episode in the life “Ole Bill” and his pal Bert. Harry Thurston, whose laughter-provoking capabilities are well-known, fills the leading role; and, backed by able pals, he keeps the audience rippling with merriment’. Sheffield Independent, Tuesday 30 July 1918.
5 Aug 1918 Hotch Potch Professional
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Performers: Fred Kitchen
23 Sep 1918 Ocean Waves Professional
11 Nov 1918 Inside the Lines Professional
20 Jan 1919 Ocean Waves Professional