Great War Theatre

Address: Ardwick, Manchester M12 6BL, UK

Performances at this Theatre

16 Aug 1915 The New WordProfessional
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‘A play by Sir James Barrie, entitled “The New Word,” will be presented at the Ardwick Empire, and the cast will include Miss Helen Haye and Mr. O. B. Clarence, two perfect Barrie actors. The play is described by the author as a “fireside scene,” and it deals in touching manner with an episode of the war. Nothing so pleasing of its kind has been seen on the music-hall stage for some time’. Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser, Saturday 14 August 1915. ‘The Ardwick Empire. - The feature at the Empire is undoubtedly Sir James Barrie’s one-act piece, “The New Word.” It contains the Barrie touch all the way, and losing nothing in the representation the performance is one to remember. A father and son endeavouring to stifle all emotion to how the war will hit them, the mother lifted to heights of emotion, and the daughter frankly joyous constitute a theme that naturally goes right home to a big proportion of any present-day audience. The mixture of comedy and pathos is deliciously worked out. The acting is quite first-class, Mr. O. B. Clarence, in particular, being great as the father. The rest of the programme is of a good average class’. Manchester Evening News, 17 August 1915.
25 Jun 1917 In the TrenchesProfessional
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Performed for the week alongside Jack Pleasants (singer and comedian), May Hopkins (song and story), George Schreck and Mabel Percival (tumblers), Ada Cerito, Howard Bellman, Vera Caine, Brandow and Brand.