Great War Theatre

Address: London, UK

Performances at this Theatre

20 Jun 1951 Annajanska, The Wild Grand DuchessProfessional
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Performed as part of a festival of eighteen short plays by Shaw running for three months from 25 April. Performed alongside 'Augustus Does His Bit', 'Village Wooing', 'The Glimpse of Reality' and 'Overruled'. Cast: Rachel Gurney (Annajanska), David Bird (General Strammfest), Gerald Harper (Schneidekind) and not named (first soldier); also John Fernald (producer) and Fanny Taylor (designer). 'Annajanska. the Bolshevik Empress, is an example of Shaw’s infatuation with paradox. It is politically unimportant and dramatically ineffective. Some of the dialogue is really dreadful’ (West London Observer, 29 June 1951)