Great War Theatre

Address: Edinburgh, UK

Performances at this Theatre

5 Mar 1936 Annajanska, The Wild Grand DuchessAmateur
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Performd by B. W. Barlow, E. Reid, and M. P. McEwan. 'Plays by Barrie and Shaw, with their widely different techniques, were presented last night by Davidson’s Mains W.R. I. Dramatic Club in Cramond Parish Church Hall. For the main piece they chose 'Quality Street', J. M. Barrie’s play of the Napoleonic period … 'Quality Street' was preceded by 'Annajanska', Bernard Shaw’s play, which treats of an Empress of Beotia who turned Bolshevik. B. W. Barlow gave a capable performance as the Empress and E. Reid and M. P. McEwan were the two officers’ (Scotsman, 6 March 1936)