Great War Theatre

Address: Manchester, UK

Performances at this Theatre

7 Feb 1931 Annajanska, The Wild Grand DuchessAmateur
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‘The Burnley Drama Guild are to competitors at the Festival (Northern Area) of the British Drama League, to be held in the Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester, on Saturday next, at 7 pm. The other competitors are the Amateur Players’ Society of Manchester and the Stage Society of Bury … The Burnley Drama Guild will present Mr. Bernard Shaw’s one-act play Annajanska, the Bolshevik Empress, and the cast will consist of Miss Shannon Leslie, who takes the name part, Mr. James A. Stephenson, Mr. Clifford Parkinson, Mr. Albert Smith and Mr. Arthur Nightingale. The play is being produced by Mr. Walter G. Boys’ (Burnley News, 4 February 1931). The cast included: Shannon Leslie (actress), James A. Stephenson (actor), Clifford Parkinson (actor), Albert Smith (actor), Arthur Nightingale (actor), Walter G. Boys (director).