Great War Theatre

Address: Portsmouth, UK

Performances at this Theatre

12 May 1915 AlsaceProfessional
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This was a 'special flying matinee'.
10 Jun 1915 La FlambeeProfessional
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Performed by Le Troupe du Théâtre des Galeries St Hubert.
22 Nov 1915 The Man Who Stayed At HomeProfessional
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The Era, 17 November 1915, listed The Man Who Stayed at Home (Taylor Platt) as On The Road from 22 November at the T.R., Portsmouth (also The Stage, 18 November 1915). ‘“Peg o’ My Heart” is the piece to be staged at the Theatre Royal [Portsmouth] next week, in succession to “The Man Who Stayed At Home,” which has proved so popular this week’. Hampshire Telegraph, 26 November 1915.
13 Mar 1916 The Day Before The DayProfessional
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‘Sir George Alexander’s productions from the St. James’s Theatre are always popular with local audiences. and next week’s play at the Theatre Royal, presented by Cecile Barclay and Rupert Lister, should prove very welcome. “The Day Before the Day,” by Mr. C. B. Fernald, deals with a German scheme of invasion, and the way in which the Teuton plots and intrigues for the destruction of this country. There are some strong dramatic situations, and the scene in which the hero makes his escape from the “den” of the German conspirators is particularly exciting. The serious tone of the play is relieved by a pleasant leavening of humour. Miss Barclay plays the heroine’s part, and Mr. Lister impersonates Captain Guy Howison. The company is exceptionally strong, and the original West End scenery will be used’ (Hampshire Telegraph, 10 March 1916). ‘There are many thrilling episodes in “The Day Before the Day,” presented at the Portsmouth Theatre Royal last night. The story deals with the work of German spies and an Englishwoman’s engagement to an officer of the Prussian army. An old sweetheart in the person of an officer of the British Intelligence Department comes upon the scene, and the plot centres round his methods of undoing the treacherous work, running the gang to earth, and saving the honour of the woman he loves, and who in turn loves him. In the leading roles, Mr. Rupert Lister, as Captain Guy Howison. and Cecile Barclay, as Victoria Buckingham, were very fine, and they were well supported by a strong and talented company’ (Portsmouth Evening News, 14 March 1916). ‘The Day Before the Day is being presented here [the Royal, Portsmouth) this week. Cecile Barclay’s acting is full of grace and charm, and the part of Victoria Buckingham could not be played to better advantage; while as Captain Guy Howison Mr. Rupert Lister is excellent. These artists are supported by Andrew O. Buck, Bernard Copping, Harry Colbeck, Dorothy Dewhurst, Ida Wallington, and Mabel Jeye’ (The Stage, 16 March 1916).
15 May 1916 The Man Who Stayed At HomeProfessional
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Advertised in the Hampshire Telegraph, 12 May 1916. The Era, 17 May 1916, listed The Man Who Stayed at Home (Taylor Platt) as On The Road from 15 May at the T.R., Portsmouth.
12 Feb 1917 A Kiss For CinderellaProfessional
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The Hampshire Telegraph, Friday 9 February 1917, advertised Hilda Trevelyan and Percy Hutchison in Barrie’s ‘greatest success’ A Kiss for Cinderella at the Theatre Royal, Portsmouth in the following week. The Era, 14 February 1917, carried an advertisement for Hilda Trevelyan and Percy Hutchison in A Kiss for Cinderella; this week Theatre Royal, Portsmouth, next week Theatre Royal, Brighton.
5 Mar 1917 SearchlightsProfessional
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The Stage, 1 March 1917, listed Searchlights as On Tour from 5 March at the Royal, Portsmouth.
19 Mar 1917 The Man Who Stayed At HomeProfessional
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The Hampshire Telegraph, 16 March 1917, advertised The Man Who Stayed at Home twice nightly at the Theatre Royal, Portsmouth, the following week. Previewed in the Hampshire Telegraph, 16 March 1917. ‘“The Man Who Stayed at Home” is being staged here [the Theatre Royal, Portsmouth] by Mr. H. (sic – E.) Taylor Platt’s company, Mr. Clifford Marle [a member of Taylor Platt's 'red' company] playing the part of Christopher Brent in an able manner’. The Era, 21 March 1917. [N.B.: The Era, 14 and 21 March 1917, listed The Man Who Stayed at Home (Red) as On The Road from 19 March at the Shakespeare, Liverpool; also The Stage, 15 March 1917. But the Liverpool Echo, 17 March 1917, advertised performances by the Harrison Frewin Opera Company at the Shakespeare Theatre for the whole of the following week.]
2 Apr 1917 PetticoatsProfessional
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The Hampshire Telegraph, Friday 30 March 1917, advertised at the Theatre Royal for next week ‘The play of the moment “Petticoats.” The Company and Entire Production from the Garrick Theatre’. Also, ‘That sparkling comedy “Petticoats!” which has met with such phenomenal success [sic!] at the Garrick Theatre, London, will be staged at the Theatre Royal next week. “Petticoats!” is the ploy of the moment, and Mr. Arthur Gibbons will present the entire production, as witnessed at the Garrick. This new comedy is by the author of “The Rotters,” and it imparts so much humour that it is said one can get half a dozen laughs in a minute. The cast is a particularly strong one, and Miss Frances White takes the leading role of Mrs. Fletcher' (Hampshire Telegraph, 30 March 1917). And, ‘This week’s play, “Petticoats,” is having a most successful run. There are two performances nightly, and there will be a matinee on Saturday at 2.30’ (Hampshire Telegraph, 6 April 1917).
22 Oct 1917 Inside the LinesProfessional
3 Mar 1919 Nurse BensonProfessional
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The Hampshire Telegraph, Friday 28 February 1919, advertised at the Theatre Royal, Portsmouth the following week ‘Marie Lohr’s Company present “Nurse Benson,” By R. C. Carton and Justin Huntly McCarthy. Now Playing at the Globe Theatre, London’.
10 Mar 1919 The TitleProfessional
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‘Patrons of the Theatre Royal will have a treat next week, when Arnold Bennett’s comedy “The Title,” will be presented by Messrs. Vedrenne and Eadie Co. This brilliant satire is making a great success at the Royalty Theatre, where it has been running since last July. The story is concerned with the bestowal of a title upon a war-time controller, and the diverse reception of this honour by the various members of his household affords full scope for Mr. Bennett’s analytical powers. The struggle between the controller who does not want the title, and his wife, who does, really forms the basis of this witty comedy. The cast includes Stanley Turnbull and Louie Pounds, with E. Watts Phillips, Harvey Adams, Sam Lysons, May Ward, Frances Waring and Joey Giddins’. Hampshire Telegraph, 7 March 1919.
17 Nov 1919 The Luck Of The NavyProfessional
7 Apr 1930 The Luck Of The NavyProfessional
12 May 1930 Seven Days LeaveProfessional
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Performed for the week twice nightly, 6.40 and 9pm.