Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

Date Script Type
25 Jan 1915 The Frenchwoman Professional
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'it is quite one of the best War sketches at present to hand.' (The Stage, 28 January 1915)
12 Jun 1916 Saved By Wireless Professional
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Performed by Gilbert Heron and company.
1 Jan 1917 In the Trenches Professional
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Performed for the week: 'the sketch is staged with an eye to correct detail' (Stage, 4 January 1917)
23 Apr 1917 The House Of The Five Lanterns Professional
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Performed by Mary Mayfren and company. On the same bill were: 2 Rascals and Jacobson, Jack Pleasants, Manny and Roberts, Alcide Capitaine, Binns and Binns, Violet King, Otto Viola, Daisy Stratton
21 Jan 1918 Flying Colours Professional
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The Kensington Post, Friday 18 January 1918, advertised at the Metropolitan, Edgware Road, London from 21 January ‘Captain Bruce Bairnsfather presents Harry Thurston in “The Johnson ‘Ole”’. Similarly the Harrow Observer of the same date.