Great War Theatre

Address: Belfast, UK

Performances at this Theatre

19 Jun 1916 The Wages Of Hell (After The War)Unknown
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Performed here between 19 and 24 June 1916. Other acts on the bill include: 'The Knighthood of Posner', the Dugardes, who appeared in a refined musical and dancing act, a feature of which was the singing of a child vocalist; Tew and Lea, a pair of clever comedians; and the Five Wilbers, singers and dancers. The 'Belfast Newsletter' wrote (20 June 1916): ‘There were large and appreciative audiences at the Empire Theatre last evening, and in view of the fact that Mr. John Lawson fills the principal place in the programme this gratifying state of things will probably be maintained during the remainder of the week. Mr. Lawson appears in two sketches, one being a slight, humorous production entitled 'The Knighthood of Posner', and the other - 'The Wages of Hell' - a highly dramatic piece by the Rev. A. J. Waldron, of Brixton. The sketches give Mr. Lawson an opportunity of displaying his wonderful versatility, for the two roles which he assumes afford a striking contrast in characterisation, and require the employment of widely different histrionic methods. In 'The Knighthood of Posner' the bright and exhilarating humour got well over footlights; whilst in the sketch by Mr. Waldron the actor had a part which suited him admirably. His impersonation of Dave Raphael was intensely dramatic, and full of the vim and vitality which seem natural to Mr. Lawson on the stage. Miss Lucy Sidney acted with charm and force as Beryl Raphael, and the other parts were also capably sustained'.
3 Jun 1929 Seven Days LeaveProfessional
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Performed first int he season of Mr W. H. Glaze's season.