Great War Theatre

Address: Croydon, UK

Performances at this Theatre

12 Oct 1914 La FlambeeProfessional
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Also on bill: The Attack Performers: Cecile Barclay, Rupert Lister
10 Jun 1918 A Mother's PrayerProfessional
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Performed as 'The Middy V.C. Comes Home' Once nightly and matinee on Thursday.
17 Jun 1918 His Mother's RosaryProfessional
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Miss Betty Seymour and Company
8 Jul 1918 Back to the Wife and Home [Home from the Trenches]Professional
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‘The attraction at the Croydon Theatre this week is provided by Miss Betty Seymour’s company in Mr. Arthur Jefferson’s latest play, “Home From The Trenches”, which, as its name indicates, is quite topical, and the robust and patriotic sentiments set out received the unstinted approval of the large audience assembled on Monday night. Miss Betty Seymour enacts the difficult rôle of Myra Gray, the infatuated victim of Neville Hardman, cleverly and consistently throughout. Mr. Chas. E. Johnson as the callous and overbearing German profiteer, Silas Hardman, also gave an excellent performance. Mr. Edgar T. Hayes as the shirker, Neville Hardman, did well; as did J. Spencer as Peter Wilson. Mr. Wilfred Launceston as Corporal Dennison was a great favourite. Mr. Richard Wilson was well cast as Charlie Goodall, and Mr. Harry Emmerson convulsed the audience as the loquacious Horace Hopkins. Miss Ada Oakley made a pretty and appealing heroine of Bessie Dennison, Miss L. Addison was very good as Pattie Hopkins, and Miss Nellie Wilson gave a clever character sketch as Muriel Miranda Peabody, a lady of leisure. The other characters were competently played’. The Era, 10 July 1918. ‘Great interest is taken by the large audiences in the new play, “Home from the Trenches.” It shows the perils of wives whose husbands are called to the trenches, and how steadfastly they resist them. Mr. Charles E. Johnson takes the role of “Silas Hardman,” a pro-German profiteer, who laughs at patriotism, and thinks only of his pocket, while his scoundrel nephew, “Neville Hardman,” who seeks the ruin of “Bessie Dennison,” Miss Ada Oakley, is well played by Mr. Edgar T. Hayes. Mr. J. Spencer is “Peter Wilson,” too old to fight, and “Corpl. Dennison,” the hero and saviour of his wife, is Mr. Wilfred Launceston. “Pattie Hopkins,” Mrs. Dennison’s friend, is presented by Miss L. Addison, and “Horace Hopkins,” the old Boer soldier, full of reminiscences, is portrayed by Mr. Harry Emmerson. Miss Nellie Wilson and Miss Billy Seymour do well as “Muriel Peabody,” lady of leisure, and “Myra Gray.” The other parts are well represented. The piece is a powerful melodrama, and is received with hearty applause’. Surrey Mirror, 12 July 1918.
15 Jul 1918 The Black BookUnknown
2 Sep 1918 Whose Baby?Unknown
11 Nov 1918 Inside the LinesProfessional
24 Feb 1919 The Freedom of the SeasProfessional
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Performed by the Haymarket Company from 24 February 1919 - 1 March 1919.
7 Apr 1919 General PostProfessional