Great War Theatre

Address: Great Yarmouth, UK

Performances at this Theatre

N/A A German ShellUnknown
12 Feb 1917 The Love ChildProfessional
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The Yarmouth Independent, 10 February 1917, advertised at the Theatre Royal, Great Yarmouth, for six nights from Monday 12 February the Morton Powell Repertory Company will present an entirely new and original play, in a prologue and 3 Acts, entitled:- “Neither Wife Nor Maid” by Ada Grace Abbott. Mr. F. B. Woulfe as “Curly Saunders.” Miss Ada Oakley as “Meg Huxter”’. ‘A new play of the problem type, entitled “Neither Wife nor Maid,” is the attraction this week. Miss Ada Oakley gives a natural and sympathetic rendition of the role of Meg Huxter and Mr. F. B. Woulfe enacts the part of Curly Saunders with excellent effect Mr. Thomson scores as Lord Kingdon and Miss Edith Lorrain as Lady Kingdon. Comedy is supplied by Mr. Fred Rignold, Mr. Templar Ellis and Miss Lottie Kendall’ (Yarmouth Independent, 17 February 1917).
30 Apr 1917 Beauchamp And BeechamProfessional
5 Apr 1920 The Girl from Ciro'sProfessional
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"The ladies' frocks are most up-to-date and handsome. The farce has proves to be very popular." 'Yarmouth Independent, 10 April 1920.
30 Aug 1920 The Freedom of the SeasProfessional
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Performed by Robert Brasher's company for the week including: Robert Brasher, Nancy Warner. "Mr. Walter Nightingale announces for next week a visit of the very popular West-end play, "The Freedom of the Seas", which had a very lengthy run at the Haymarket Theatre, London. It was in this play that Miss Bille Carleton was appearing at the time of her tragic end... The famous part of George Smith is well sustained by Robert Brasher, who has now played it over 400 times. of the brightest plays of recent times. Such an excellent mixture of real good comedy and thrilling situations is only too rarely seen." (Yarmouth Independent, 28 August 1920)