Great War Theatre

Address: Aldershot, UK

Performances at this Theatre

N/A The Tiger of AsshurUnknown
14 Feb 1916 There Was A King In FlandersProfessional
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Performed by Oswald Waller and Gloria Laurence. Variety acts on the same bill were: Sisters Holman, Krick and Krock, Melt and Bray, Margo and Mascotte, Ernie Mayne, Mazuz and Mazette.
19 Mar 1917 Miss MysteryUnknown
21 May 1917 For Those In PerilProfessional
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Performed by Miss Beaumont Collins.
10 Sep 1917 Oh Lawsy Me!Unknown
6 Jan 1919 Flying ColoursProfessional
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The Era, Wednesday 1 January 1919, and The Stage, Thursday 2 January 1919, both listed Harry Thurston and company in The Johnson ‘Ole in calls for the following week, Monday 6 January, at the Aldershot Hippodrome.