Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

10 May 1915 The FrenchwomanProfessional
13 Mar 1916 Eyes Right!!Unknown
30 Mar 1916 Du Théâtre au Champ D'HonneurProfessional
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Performed by Sarah Bernhardt. The Nottingham Evening Post noted that Bernhardt had always been a woman of the theatre and had long refused to play 'the halls [but] the hinterland which divides theatre and hall is much narrowed in these days of constant exchange between the two branches of entertainment, and artists of the highest standing frequently fulfil variety engagements.' (30 March 1916)
4 Dec 1916 The FrenchwomanProfessional
23 Jul 1917 JoylandProfessional
7 Jan 1918 Nosey KnowsProfessional
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Performed this week by George Hestor (actor), Dorothy Frostick (actress), Ethel Arden (actress), Joan Hestor (actress), Marie Ellie (sic - Ellis) (actress), Norman Carn (actor), Jack Mann (actor), Nat Lewis (actor). Also Fred Karno (co-writer), George Hughes (co-writer), John Gerant (co-writer). ‘Patrons of the Empire will have the pleasure next week of witnessing another Karno creation, and appetites will be whetted accordingly. Nosey Knows is Fred’s significant labelling of his latest effort, which he insists is not a revue but a “farcical musical sketch” … Karno and his collaborators, George Hughes and John Gerant, have managed to crowd in more than a sufficiency of the business that really matters, whilst at the same time resolutely refusing to make the plot a non-essential’. (Nottingham Journal, 5 January 1918)
11 Mar 1918 Ocean WavesProfessional
29 Jul 1918 Ocean WavesProfessional
11 Nov 1918 Ocean WavesProfessional
25 Nov 1918 Airs And GracesProfessional
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The performance was described as "Bright in every scene, and endowed with all the best elements of song, dance and comedy" (Nottingham Evening Post, 26 November 1918)