Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

15 Feb 1915 Double DutchUnknown
21 Jul 1915 Patrie TrahieUnknown
21 Jul 1915 Patrie TrahieProfessional
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Performed on the evening of 21st July 1915 to celebrate the FĂȘte Nationale Belge, and is described as an "impression dramatique en dieux tableaux". (Surrey Mirror, 16/7/1915). The author of the piece is anonymous. The actors were Mme Boine, MM Crommelynck, Boine, Mahy and Goffin. Interesting to note that Fernand Crommelynck was a Belgian dramatist, known for his farces. Pierre Boine founded the Theatre National in Brussels.
9 Aug 1915 The Pill Of TruthUnknown
23 Aug 1915 La Petite RevuetteUnknown
1 Nov 1915 Who's WhoUnknown
15 Nov 1915 Kiss AuntieUnknown
7 Sep 1916 Back To BlightyUnknown
15 Jan 1917 Seeing LifeUnknown