Great War Theatre

Address: Ilford, UK

Performances at this Theatre

Date Script Type
N/A The Honeymoon Express Unknown
21 Sep 1914 The Spy [The Spy Peril] Professional
22 Feb 1915 Passing Events Professional
14 Jun 1915 The Man Who Wouldn't Professional
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‘Harry Day’s revue, Passing Events, is the principal feature in Mr. George E. Well’s bill at the Ilford Hippodrome …Mention should also be made of Leo Stormont’s patriotic playlet, The Man Who Wouldn’t’. The Stage, 17 June 1915.
31 Jan 1916 The Frenchwoman Professional
6 Mar 1916 Look Out! Unknown
29 May 1916 Excuse me Unknown
5 Mar 1917 Joyland Professional
13 Aug 1917 Flying Colours Professional
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The Era, 8 August 1917 carried advertisements for shows at the Ilford Hippodrome and the Olympia, Shoreditch in the week commencing 13 August, both including Harry Thurston in Capt. Bruce Bairnsfather’s ‘The Johnson ‘Ole’.
24 Sep 1917 Three Cheers Professional
25 Feb 1918 A Cushy Job Professional
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Advertised in The Era, 20 February 1918, as ‘Messrs. Capt. E. C. Barker [sic] & Cecil Hadley present “A Cushy Job”‘.
4 Mar 1918 The Man Who Stayed At Home Professional
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‘E. Taylor Platt Co. in “The Man Who Stayed at Home”‘ was advertised in The Era, 27 February 1918, at the Ilford Hippodrome for the week commencing Monday 4 March.
13 May 1918 Inside the Lines Professional
28 Oct 1918 Three Cheers Professional
25 Nov 1918 Three Cheers Professional
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Last performance
16 Dec 1918 Ocean Waves Professional
23 Dec 1918 Married on Leave Professional
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This performance (theatre and start date) is included in a list of forthcoming performances of “Married on Leave” in The Stage of Thursday 1 August 1918. The Stage of Friday 27 December 1918 carried an advertisement for ‘Lew Lake’s Married on Leave by Dorothy Mullord’ which could be seen that week at the Hippodrome, Ilford.
12 May 1919 Jolly Times Professional
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The Stage, 8 May 1919, listed Jolly Times as On Tour from 12 May at the Hip., Ilford; and listed Harry Goodson’s Jolly Times, Rene Ralph and the Rae Duo in Calls for Next Week at the Ilford Hippodrome.
16 Jun 1919 For England, Home and Beauty or Comrades in Arms Professional
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The Stage, 12 June 1919 listed under ‘calls for next week’ Andrew Melville’s “For England, Home and Beauty” at the Ilford Hippodrome.
28 Oct 1929 Seven Days Leave Professional