Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

Date Script Type
18 Jan 1915 Saved By Wireless Professional
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Performed by Gilbert Heron and company.
7 Jun 1915 Very Mixed Bathing Unknown
5 Jun 1916 The Frenchwoman Professional
11 Dec 1916 In the Trenches Professional
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Performed for the week: Ralph Roberts (writer), Jean Nougues (music and songs), Harry Buss (actor)
17 Jun 1918 Khaki and Blue Professional
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Advertisement: ‘Next week. London’s latest sensation, the great military and naval revue, Khaki and Blue. A New and Original Comedy Dramatic Revue with a Punch. Production by Charles Baldwin, Alfred Parker, and Belle Davies. Special Music by Lawrence Wright. Full London cast. Nat Lewis. Freddie Ives. Fred Terris. Herbert Barrs. George Marriott. Paul Daly. Violet Fields. Rosie Hart. Constance Henderson. Sam Carter. Rosalie Jacobi. Complete London chorus. The revue of the moment in nine gorgeous scenes’. Lancashire Evening Post, 15 June 1918. ‘The popularity of revue shows no sign of waning in Preston, nor is it likely to do so long as shows of such sound quality as “Khaki and Blue” are presented. Bright and clean comedy, with Nat Lewis as the chief exponent, is well to the fore, but a strong vein of spectacular drama lends special interest to the piece. Rosalie Jacobi and Paul Daly touch first-class musical comedy standard in their new lyrics and, they are admirably supported by a strong and tuneful chorus. Among the special features in the nine scenes are a clever comedy in the trenches on the western front and a stirring fight for a “pill-box” in the German lines’. Lancashire Evening Post, 18 June 1918.
23 Jun 1918 The Lads of the Village Professional
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Performed here until 29 June and starring Bob Stevens as Erb.
9 Sep 1918 Inside the Lines Professional
23 Sep 1918 The Hidden Hand Professional
24 Feb 1919 The Man Who Stayed At Home Professional
20 Mar 1919 The Luck Of The Navy Professional
28 Apr 1919 By Pigeon Post Professional
24 Nov 1919 Seven Days Leave Professional
15 Mar 1920 General Post Professional
20 May 1920 The Female Hun Professional
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The Female Hun - Walter Melville's Company in an entirely new play, in ten scenes. Direct from the Lyceum Theatre, London. Twice nightly 6.40 & 8.45. (Lancashire Evening Post - Thursday 20 May 1920)
2 Aug 1920 The Amorist Professional
5 Jul 1926 Seven Days Leave Professional
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Performed by the Denville company.
27 Jan 1930 The Invisible Foe Professional
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Performed from 27-30 January and 1 February by Henry Baynton (actor), Olga Anderson (actress) alongside 'Waterloo' by Arthur Conan Doyle.