Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

N/A Willie Goes WestUnknown
23 Nov 1914 The Little Grey Home In The WestProfessional
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If it were possible for a good title to make a good play there is no doubt that Mr . C . W . Somerset would have scored all along the line. For thanks in part to the enormous popularity of Hermann Lohr's song , a better title it would be difficult to imagine. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to treat the play at all seriously. It is either melodrama run riot, with all the improbabilities of this type of play turned into glaring absurdities, or else it is an intentional burlesque on melodramatic methods. As the latter Monday's audience evidently regarded it. If they were not thrilled they were certainly amused, and, as laughter is a very antidote to the depression of the times, possibly the anonymous author's object was attained. We being to suspect him of being in a jocular mood soon after the rise of the curtain, when, although the time was 5 a.m he dismissed one of his characters to do some shopping. And so all through the play. The dramatis persona are familiar (Stage, 26 November 1914
19 Apr 1915 All FrenchUnknown
7 May 1915 AlsaceProfessional
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This was a 'special flying matinee' performed by Madame Réjane.
17 May 1915 Joseph's CoatUnknown
29 Nov 1915 Whose WifeUnknown
1 Feb 1917 AladdinUnknown
1 Feb 1917 Charivari, an evening with PunchinelloUnknown
26 Feb 1917 General PostUnknown
3 Dec 1917 The Girl from CircusProfessional
28 Jan 1918 Nothing but the TruthUnknown
4 Mar 1918 JulyannProfessional
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Performed 4-6 March 1918 by Mr Alfred Butt's company, as the start of a short provincial tour which was intended to precede a London production (which never appears to have taken place). The cast included: he cast was Pte. J. Gallager and Pte. D. Dempsey, H. V. Esmond (as both Pte Gallagher and Dempsey n.b. in the 1917 production different actors had played these parts); Frank Fort; Robert Dalsell; J. R. Cassidy; Patrick Traynor; Basil Lofting; Frank Cavannagh; Paddy Dupres; George McCloskie; Hilda Harris; Florence Helm; Joan Pereira; and Moya Mannering.
22 Apr 1918 Home ServiceUnknown
20 Jan 1919 The Luck Of The NavyProfessional
10 Nov 1919 By Pigeon PostProfessional
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The second visit of the production to Devonshire Park Theatre. Arthur Hardy (producer), Herbert Vyvyan (actor), Fred Conyers (actor), Florence Helm (actress), Baliol Holloway (actor), Reginald J. Turner (actor), Gilbert Heron (actor), Florence Burns (actress), C. Haviland Burke (actor), Goodie Willis (actress)
10 Mar 1930 The Luck Of The NavyProfessional
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For six nights, starring Percy Hutchison
29 Apr 1940 General PostProfessional