Great War Theatre

Address: London, UK

Performances at this Theatre

Date Script Type
19 Oct 1914 By Jingo If We Do Professional
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The revue was staged at the Empire into November. It included music by Herman Finck and stage production was by Tom Reynolds. Performers included: Regine Flory, Mabel Russell, Kathleen Clifford, Amy Augarde, Ferne Rogers, Ralph Lynn, Spencer Trevor, Fred Groves, Tom Payne, James Godden, Julien Henry, A H Majilton. The revue 'positively teems with incident, but it is not merely with the gay side of life that it has to do, for the tragic element has more than one introduction. In the latter connection there is an intensely strong episode which is supposed to take place in a Belgian cottage in the firing line, wherein is shown in all its horror the suffering endured by two women in the hands of drunken and licentious Uhlans. [...] It serves to remind that War is War, and not child's play, and that the debt to be paid is heavy indeed.' ('The Stage', 22 October 1914)
26 Nov 1914 In Doubt Unknown
4 Jan 1915 The Bells of St Valoir Professional
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Performed over 6 days. Cast: Gerald Kirby (Capt Marcel St Remy), Norman Forbes (Major Von Goltz), Dorothy Fane (Louise de St Valoir)
11 Jan 1915 The Frenchwoman Professional
15 Feb 1915 The Frenchwoman Professional
1 May 1915 Watch Your Step Unknown
2 Aug 1915 The Frenchwoman Professional
8 Jul 1916 We're All In It Unknown
18 Aug 1917 Topsy Turvey Unknown
26 Nov 1917 Here And There (Revised Version) Unknown
13 May 1918 Ocean Waves Professional
20 May 1918 Ocean Waves Professional
3 Jun 1918 Ocean Waves Professional
2 Dec 1918 Ocean Waves Professional