Great War Theatre

Performances at this Theatre

N/A I've Seen The 'AremUnknown
14 Sep 1914 The Hem of the Flag. Topical Monologue (European War, 1914)Unknown
19 Dec 1915 Passing EventsProfessional
4 Sep 1916 For Those In PerilProfessional
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Performed by Miss Beaumont Collins.
23 Oct 1916 A Day In A Dug-OutProfessional
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Others on the same bill were: Jack & Evelyn, Diving Norins, Sammy Shields, Morny Cash, Joan Hay, Wells & Mayban, Daly & Healy, Talio.
19 Feb 1917 JoylandProfessional
16 Apr 1917 The Spirit of the EmpireProfessional
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Performed for the week.
5 Jul 1917 The Insurance Agent, Hints and ProverbsUnknown
6 Aug 1917 Flying ColoursProfessional
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The Era, 1 August 1917 carried advertisements for shows at the Woolwich Hippodrome and the Balham Hippodrome in the week commencing 6 August, both including Harry Thurston in Capt. Bruce Bairnsfather’s ‘The Johnson ‘Ole’.
13 Aug 1917 In the TrenchesProfessional
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Performed for the week by cast including Harry Buss. On the same bill: Gertie Gitana, Geo. Gilbey, Sam Stern, Lily Lena, Rosie Lloyd, Jas. Godden, Cassie Walmer, Ridiculous Recco
3 Sep 1917 Three CheersProfessional
13 May 1918 His Night OutUnknown
9 Sep 1918 Married on LeaveProfessional
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This performance (theatre and start date) is included in a list of forthcoming performances of “Married on Leave” in The Stage of Thursday 1 August 1918. The Era of Wednesday 11 September 1918 noted that “Married on Leave” was ‘on the road’ at the Hippodrome, Woolwich from 9 September.
7 Oct 1918 Three CheersProfessional
30 Jun 1919 For England, Home and Beauty or Comrades in ArmsProfessional
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The Era, 25 June 1919 listed under ‘next week’s calls’, ‘Andrew Melville presents “For England, Home and Beauty”‘ at the Woolwich Hippodrome. The Era, 25 June 1919 carried an advertisement ‘Andrew Melville presents “For England, Home and Beauty”’ at the Woolwich Hippodrome, at 6.15 and 8.30.
14 Jul 1919 Jolly TimesProfessional
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The Era, 9 July 1919, advertised Harry Goodson presents Jolly Times (cast includes Madge Merle, Joe Victor and Jos. Alexandre), with Edie Day and Ted Saunders, at the Woolwich Hippodrome in the week commencing 14 July.