Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

A play in one act an incident of the war. A wounded Belgian soldier comes to the cottage where his sister is alone. It is important that orders to blow up a bridge should reach their destination and he is too badly wounded to go on and an Uhlan is on his track. He surrenders and while the Uhlan is eating and drinking manages to put a dress on of his sister's and takes her place while she goes to the bridge. He has a struggle with the Uhlan when the trick is discovered, but the bridge is blown up and the sister returns in time to rescue him with a revolver. The Uhlan talks brutally, of course, but the piece is far less violent than most of its class. Recommended for license. G. S. Street

Licensed On: 23 Oct 1914

License Number: 2993




British Library Reference: LCP1914/31

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66079 T


26 Oct 1914 Bedford Music Hall, Camden, LondonProfessional Licensed Performance
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Performed by Arthur Bachner, Constance Bachner and Lionel Gadsden as Hans Muller. It has 'many telling lines and an exciting finish...Mr Lionel Gadsden is particularly good as Hans Muller, playing a trying part in a very finished manner. The sketch had a good reception' (Era, 28 October 1914)