Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

A story of bohemian life in Paris, suggesting in motive and characterization a much modified and bowdlerized 'dame aux camelias'. Its heroine is Liane, a beautiful artist' model who, when first we meet her, has been living in seclusion ever since her lover, Despard, on the eve of their intended marriage, was imprisoned for selling plans of Verdun to the enemy. she is welcomed back to the studio by her old artist-admires; but she falls madly in love with a young one, Paul, who, after a scene with Despard on his temporary escape from gaol, she refuses to marry but accepts as her protector in the country cottage where they settle down for their vie-a deux. They are happy until Paul grows suspicious of the parentage of the little boy whom Liane professes to have adopted, but whom she eventually confesses to be his son by Despard. After the quarrel which follows this admission Paul leaves her, and proposes marrying the lady chosen for him by his parents. This girl, however, after learning the truth about his relations with Liane, gives him up, and retires to a convent, whereupon Paul, hearing of Despard's death, makes the 'idol of the studios' his wife. A crude conventional treatment of a familiar theme, unedifying but unobjectionable. Recommended for license. Ernest. A. Bendall.

Licensed On: 26 Oct 1915

License Number: 3807



British Library Reference: LCP1915/28

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66114 S


8 Nov 1915 Theatre Royal, DarlingtonUnknown Licensed Performance