Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

The general scheme and details of this new version are quite different from those of the one on which I reported on July 10th and it is practically a new play. The author, however, still suffers from his absurd obsession that illegitimacy makes a man a pariah and outcast from his fellows, and is still of the opinion that, in particular, he would not be eligible for a monastic order. But since he omits the expulsion, which was understood to be the offensive point, there is no reason for further endorsement of the license. Not to recapitulate the plot in all its silly details, it is sufficient to mention (1) that the betrayer of the gipsy's daughter is now not the abbot (who is thus relieved of his wicked past) but the man who now seeks to marry the hero's mother, (2) that it is he who is going to hound the hero out of decent society for being illegitimate, whereupon the incredible fool takes refuge in the monastery, (3) that the mother no longer refuses to marry his father, (4) that the hero, having invented an antidote to German gas, distinguishes himself impossibly at the front and gets a V. C. The monastery business remains, except that the expulsion is got over by the hero's leaving of his own accord. since the author has altered so much he might just as well have spared us this silly monastery affair altogether. However, there is really left no reasonable ground for Catholic objection and the piece is recommended for License. G. S. Street. PS. But it might still be well to keep an eye on the posters for fear of further Catholic irritation.

License Number: 3686


British Library Reference: LCP1915/23

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66109 J


N/AUnknown Licensed Performance