Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

This is the simplest of war episodes, and shows how a Belgian girl, exasperated by the brutality of a Prussian who has ill-used her younger sister and has punished her grandfather's remonstrances by murdering him, shoots the monster and rids the world of a typical 'Hun'. Painful but inoffensive, except to such sensibility as Germans may boast. Recommended for license. Ernest A. Bendall.

Licensed On: 16 Jul 1915

License Number: 3578



British Library Reference: LCP1915/18

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66104 W


17 Jul 1915 Palace, Battersea, LondonUnknown Licensed Performance
28 Feb 1916 Alhambra, LeithProfessional
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First recorded performance.
19 Mar 1917 Electric Theatre, FalkirkProfessional
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Performed for the full week.
2 Apr 1917 Alhambra, StirlingProfessional
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For the full week.
18 Jun 1917 Hippodrome, BirminghamProfessional
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'emphasising the coarseness, brutality, and inhumanity of the German in dealing with women and aged folk, against which, by way of contrast, there is set the indomitable pluck of the Belgian peasantry and invincible hope and assurance of liberation from their present bondage. The opportunities for a forceful and dramatic presentation are taken full advantage of, and the spirited [?] of the Belgian woman who fearlessly denounced the Kaiser and finally shoots one of his officers, wins a ready approbation form the audience.' (Birmingham Daily Post, 19 June 1917)
25 Jun 1917 Hippodrome, BirminghamProfessional
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Performed twice nightly that week with matinees Monday and Thursday.
10 Sep 1917 Pavilion, MossendProfessional
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Performed the full week (Bellshill Speaker, 14 September 1917)
10 Sep 1917 Pavilion, MossendProfessional
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'During the whole week there has been no gainsaying the fact that the Pavilion management have secured a powerful attraction in the sensational playlet, “The Hun.” This playlet, in its entirety, is built upon present-dav incidents in the great war, armed with such first-rate players as Katherine Da-koyd and Mr Charles Castella in the principal roles of Louise (the Belgian girl), Mons. Carmoy (grandparent of Louise), and The Hun (Prussian Officer), and with the absolute limit in stagecraft employed in the production, it is not in the least surprising that the sketch has “caught on” in such amazing fashion. From the rise to the fall of the curtain everyone is enraptured by the sensational scenes enacted before them in such realistic fashion' (Bellshill Speaker, 14 September 1917)
8 Apr 1918 City Varieties, LeedsProfessional
29 Apr 1918 Empire, MansfieldProfessional
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'a sensational sketch presented by Charles Castella and Katherine Da-koyd, at the Empire this week. The dramatic talent of these gifted artistes is wonderful. Charles Castella in the dual role of Mons. Carmoy, and "The Hun," Prussian officer, and Katherine Da-koyd as a Belgian, granddaughter of Carmoy, are played with great skill' (Mansfield Reporter, 3 May 1918)
30 Sep 1918 Comedy Theatre, North Shields, Tyne and WearProfessional