Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

A simple effective little sketch of the reluctance of a working man's affectionate young wife to let him enlist, and leave her that he may fight battles in a cause which she thinks unimportant to their welfare. The arguments of the lady's brave old mother are reinforced by the appeal of an unhappy Belgian refugee, whose courage under her calamities rouses the wife's patriotism, and makes her hail with pride her husband as a 'King's Man'.

Licensed On: 19 Sep 1914

License Number: 2949

British Library Reference: LCP1914/29

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66077 U


23 Sep 1914 Royalty Theatre, LondonUnknown Licensed Performance
18 Oct 1914 ?, HounslowUnknown
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Performed as part of a lecture and entertainment in aid of The Hounslow, Heston and Isleworth Women's Working Association for the Wounded. Performers included Mr P L Eyre (Bob Bruce, The King's Man), Mrs Edgar Chatterton (his mother), Mrs Adrian Ross (his wife), Gertrude Jennings (the stranger). Patriotic songs were given after the lecture and Mrs Haverty exhibited her prize bulldog "Death or Glory Boy" adorned with a Union Jack. (see Middlesex Chronicle, 24 October 1914)
28 Oct 1914 Market Hall, RedhillUnknown
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The play, "The King's Man' was presented, and its episodes founded upon the tragic incidents the present time, must have brought home to many the fearful ordeal through which Belgium is passing. The characters were ably sustained bv Mr. P. L. Eyre, who took the part of "Bob Bruce," the husband who wished to enlist, his wife (Mrs. Adrian Ross) who prevented his enlistment his mother (Mrs. Edgar Chatterton) who desired her son do his duty, and a stranger in the person a Belgian refugee (Miss Jennings), whose story of how the Germans burnt her home and killed child, added another recruit to the King's Army. The proceedings closed with an Empire tableau, in which Britannia was represented with her Colonies around her and at her side were the Allies' (Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser, 31 October 1914)
4 Nov 1914 Public Hall, ReigateProfessional
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Performed under the auspices of Reading and Reigate Recruiting Committee by Miss G E Jennings' Theatrical Co.
16 Dec 1914 Trinity Parish Hall, ReadingProfessional
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Performed in aid of the fund for sending winter comforts to Henley and South Oxfordshire men serving at the front, by Miss G E Jennings' Theatrical Co.
10 Feb 1915 Kursaal, Bexhill-on-seaProfessional
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Performed in aid of the band of the 2nd Southdown Battalion by Miss G E Jennings' Theatrical Co. Also performed in the same bill were "At the Ribbon Counter", and "In the Fog".