Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

A topical miniature revue, extremely crude in humour and depending largely upon burlesque 'business' for its effects. Such plot as it has depends upon the discovery by the local mayor that there is a youthful rightful heir to the fortune into which he has just come, and which he is celebrating by a Fete. He bribes some circus-performers who are entertaining his guests to steal the inconvenient child, for whom, however, he is himself mistaken when he assumes for fancy-dress the costume of a little Lord Fauntleroy. The fun, if commonplace and vulgar, is otherwise inoffensive; and the ditties to be introduced appear to be familiar. If however any new lyrics are used they must be forwarded for approval. Recommended for license. Ernest A. Bendall.

Licensed On: 4 Feb 1915

License Number: 3199




British Library Reference: LCP1915/4

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66090 D


Date Theatre Type
26 Dec 1914 Empire, Bristol Professional
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Performed from Boxing Day through to 2 January 1915 by a cast including: Mr O. E. Lennon, Fred Toozen, Fred Mozelle, Arthur Reynolds, Harry Taylor, Frank Rickards, George Spry, R. H. Douglass, Nell Gower, Mollie Adair, Milly Peers, and Kitty Colyer. Produced by Harry Day and under the direction of Edward Lauri.
4 Jan 1915 Empire Theatre, Sheffield Professional
11 Jan 1915 Empire, Liverpool Professional
18 Jan 1915 Empire Theatre, Leeds Professional
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Peformed for the week. On the first night the show did not end until 11.30pm (Yorkshire Evening Post, 19 January 1915). Performed by R. H. Douglass and Kitty Colyer.
25 Jan 1915 Empire, Newcastle Professional
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Performed for the week, cast including Kitty Colyner, and R. H. Douglass. Performances twice nightly 6.45 and 9pm with a matinee Saturday 2.30.
1 Feb 1915 Empire Theatre, Islington Professional
4 Feb 1915 Empire Theatre, Islington Unknown Licensed Performance
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This was the first performance licensed by the Lord Chamberlain. The performance took place a few days earlier at this theatre but in fact the play had already been in performance since late December 1914.
8 Feb 1915 Palace, Hammersmith Professional
15 Feb 1915 Empire Theatre, Edinburgh Professional
22 Feb 1915 Hippodrome, Ilford Professional
1 Mar 1915 Hippodrome, Croydon Professional
8 Mar 1915 Palladium, London Professional
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Performed on Monday 8 March.
15 Mar 1915 Theatre Royal, Plymouth Professional
22 Mar 1915 Palace Theatre, Manchester Professional
7 Apr 1915 Empire Theatre, Bradford Professional
26 Apr 1915 Empire Theatre, Finsbury Park Professional
9 May 1915 Empire Theatre, New Cross, London Professional
24 May 1915 Hippodrome, Southampton Professional
7 Jun 1915 Grand Palace, Clapham Professional
21 Jun 1915 Empire Theatre, Holborn Professional
28 Jun 1915 Olympia Theatre, Shoreditch Professional
4 Jul 1915 Palace Theatre, Camberwell Professional
12 Jul 1915 Empire Theatre, Kilburn, London Professional
6 Sep 1915 Hippodrome, Willesden Professional
13 Sep 1915 Pleasure Gardens Theatre, Folkestone Professional
20 Sep 1915 ?, Reading Professional
27 Sep 1915 ?, Northampton Professional
4 Oct 1915 Empire, Bristol Professional
11 Oct 1915 Empire, Swansea Professional
8 Nov 1915 Empire, Newcastle Professional
15 Nov 1915 Hippodrome, Preston Professional
19 Dec 1915 Hippodrome, Woolwich Professional
3 Jan 1916 Palace Theatre, Camberwell Professional
10 Jan 1916 Hippodrome, Poplar Professional
17 Jan 1916 Hippodrome, Norwich Professional
24 Jan 1916 Hippodrome, Ipswich Professional
31 Jan 1916 Empire Theatre, Islington Professional
7 Feb 1916 Empire Theatre, New Cross, London Professional
14 Feb 1916 Empire Theatre, Stratford Professional