Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

The hero of this comedietta is a young officer who ‘comes home’ directly the war is over, to his uncle and guardian, an Early-Victorian jam-maker, who wants to put the young fellow into his prosperous business, and is greatly disappointed to find that five years of army-training have not taught his nephew to obey avuncular orders. Just after the question of the lad’s future has been rather angrily discussed the uncle falls asleep and dreams - or does he dream? - that ‘the boy’ threatens to emphasise his views with the aid of the revolver with which he has silenced many Huns; and the result is that the uncle decides upon the reasonableness demanded by him, and that the curtain falls upon a kind of forced agreement much in the nephew’s favour. A well-written if not very dramatic little sketch. Recommended for License. Ernest A. Bendall.

Licensed On: 5 Sep 1918

License Number: 1762




British Library Reference: LCP1918/16

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66198 G


9 Sep 1918 Victoria Palace, LondonUnknown Licensed Performance