Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

A Japanese tea-garden play. The usual British naval officer wants to marry the supposed daughter of the proprietor and the villain insists on her marrying a friend of his on pain of torture. It is discovered that she is really an English heiress, so that all comes right. A sailor and geisha supply comic relief. The Japanese can hardly like the silly plays which purport to represent their country, but there is nothing particularly offensive in this one, which exists chiefly for its songs. The comic dialogue is vulgar but I find nothing definite to cut. I think the songs are published but the question had better be asked. Recommended for licence. G. S. Street. The original songs have been sent in and may be passed. The others are published G. S. Street

Licensed On: 11 Jun 1918

License Number: 1615



British Library Reference: LCP1918/10

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66192 BB


13 Jun 1918 Alexandra Theatre, Stoke NewingtonUnknown Licensed Performance