Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

The hero of this ingenuous Play, which suggests a dramatized novelette, is a Yorkshire Yeoman who, on the strength of a college education seeks 'fame' as a politician, and in doing so nearly loses the 'woman' whom in his less ambitious days he has courted and has just married. The simple affectionate girl is told by a jealous rival on her wedding day that she has ruined her husband's career, so she lets him leave her in their Yorkshire farm under the impression that she prefers his brother to himself. He prospers in London, and being informed by the aforesaid rival that his humble wife is dead, proposes marrying a lady of title to help him in on in his 'career'. This lady, however, has more sense than he, and after rejecting him sets to work to bring husband and wife together, for of course the heart-broken wife is not really dead at all. By the aid of a remarkable series of coincidences the desirable result is brought about and 'the woman' is preferred to 'fame'. Innocuous if foolish: and recommended for Licence. Ernest A. Bendall.

Licensed On: 25 Feb 1918

License Number: 1416



British Library Reference: LCP1918/4

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66186 K


4 Mar 1918 Opera House, WakefieldProfessional Licensed Performance