Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

[The Examiner's notes for this script are missing from the file at the British Library]

Licensed On: 4 Jan 1918

License Number: 1346




British Library Reference: LCP1918/2

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66184 A


4 Feb 1918 Theatre Royal, PlymouthAmateur Licensed Performance
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This play was "specially written" as part of a large fund-raising revue called "Take Cover" to raise money for Devonport and District Day Nursery Review: "it is written by Lt.-Col. Drury with fine dramatic power, and acted perfectly, and created last evening a deep impression.", Western Morning News
19 Nov 1918 Globe Theatre, PlymouthAmateur
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Performers: Mrs W P Drury (Gabrielle), Lt. C A Power (Eugene), Mrs Arthur Picken (his mother), Lt E J Watts ('The Porter of Hell'), Mr P S G O'Donnell (incidental music/conductor) In aid of Lord Robert's Memorial Fund for disabled soldiers and sailors Reviews: "excellent presentation of the powerful little war drama", Western Morning News
19 Nov 1918 Globe Theatre, PlymouthProfessional
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Review from The Western Morning News Wednesday 20 November 1918 'A variety performance given in the Globe (Royal Marine) Theatre, Plymouth, yesterday afternoon, in aid of Lord Roberts' Memorial Fund for disabled soldiers and sailors was excellently patronised...Part II of the programme was an excellent presentation of the powerful little war drama, "The Porter of Hell" by Lt-Col. W.P. Drury, R.M.L.I. who in the prologue stated the motif in the following poignant sentences:- " 'Lest we forget' amid the ringing of the peace bells the still unpunished crimes of the barbarous Hun, we will recall for a few brief moments how he lately made war in Belgium. And, seeing, let us remember that tragedies such as this might well have happened in a thousand British homes, but for the silent, sleepless vigilance of the British Navy.' The cast consisted of Lt. C.A. Power, R.M.L.I. (Eugene), Mrs. Arthur Picken (his mother), Mrs. W.P. Drury (Gabrielle), Lt. E.J. Watts, R.M. ("The Porter of Hell"), and they did ample justice to the tense and poignant character of the drama. The incidental music, by Mr. P.S.G. O'Donnell, R.M.L.I., which admirably supports and preserves the atmosphere of fearful expectancy and numbing tragedy, was played by a portion of the R.M. band, under the baton of the composer. The performance from every point of view was profoundly impressive.'