Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

This is a romping piece of fun, depending upon the use of the Royal Arms Hotel as Auxiliary Hospital 243. The scene is in the bedroom of a wounded soldier who, seated at a table, is being fed by his friend a VAD nurse - employed in the line-room - with dainties forbidden by the chief surgeon. The latter indignantly orders a draught to correct the effects of the injudicious diet, and on his departure he patient slips off to the line-room to consult the VAD. Directly afterwards there enters a commercial traveller, to go to bed in his usual room at the hotel, where he is surprised to find himself petted by nurses whom he takes to be chambermaids and by women he is persuaded to take some of the draught prescribed for the invalid, and later on to have applied to him a hot poultice. The joke is quite harmless, providing that the undressing etc. of the luckless commercial traveller be handled with discretion. Recommended for license. Ernest A. Bendall. [Handwritten below is the following] This is for the Empire and I think caution should be conveyed. [...] Undertaken given that nothing of an objectionable nature will be allowed in connection with the undressing of the hotel visitor

Licensed On: 19 Dec 1917

License Number: 1310



British Library Reference: LCP1917/26

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66181 I


N/A Empire, LondonUnknown Licensed Performance