Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

Most of this revue is rather amusing nonsense and free from the unpleasant sort of vulgarity. It starts with a vague sort of plot in the British consulate at New York, where ‘Miss Columbia’ and other actresses get passports to England and the consul tries to get rid of a woman pursuing him, but the rest of the show is simply a medley of scenes. All except the last are on board ship; a bar scene with the comic idiot of the cast taking the place of the barman; a scene of a concert with songs and sham mesmerism etc.; a scene of a sham U-Boat affair frightening the idiot and being scared off; a smoking room scene and a scene of a ‘mug’ and a 'crook’. The last scene is a railway station with various more or less familiar business it ends, however, in a comic sale of a girl’s belongings which she has had to take out of an overweight trunk, and is in accordance with precedent any exhibition of under-clothing must be cut out - last scene p.7 (slip). This however, is the only matter for objection in a harmless piece. The songs given at the end are innocent. Recommended for license. G. S. Street. Written understanding given that the auction scene will be produced exactly as licensed. I think caution is all that is necessary, the articles must not be drawers.

Licensed On: 30 Nov 1917

License Number: 1260



British Library Reference: LCP1917/23

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66178 T


N/A Empire Theatre, EdinburghUnknown Licensed Performance
3 Dec 1917 Empire Theatre, EdinburghProfessional
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Bert Coote (Lord Greengrass), Jennie Hartley (Miss Columbia), Fred Edwards (The Consul), Joe Spree (Clerk), Emily Stevens (Mrs Jerold), Elsa Trepess (Miss Jerrold), Billy Leon (Archibald Jerrold), Doris Leslie (Miss Cutie), H Evans (The Captain), F W Chapelle (music). 'The piece was received with strong approval by the audience' (The Era, 5th December 1917).
24 Dec 1917 Empire, LiverpoolProfessional
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This was retained at the theatre for three consecutive weeks.
14 Jan 1918 Hippodrome, SheffieldProfessional
21 Jan 1918 Empire Theatre, GatesheadProfessional
28 Jan 1918 Empire Palace, South ShieldsProfessional
4 Feb 1918 Hippodrome, LeedsProfessional
11 Feb 1918 Hippodrome, RichmondProfessional
18 Feb 1918 Theatre, SwanseaProfessional
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Theatre not known
25 Feb 1918 Cardiff, CardiffProfessional
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Theatre not known
4 Mar 1918 Empire, PengeProfessional
11 Mar 1918 Empire Theatre, NottinghamProfessional
18 Mar 1918 King's Theatre, PortsmouthProfessional
25 Mar 1918 Empire Theatre, BirminghamProfessional
15 Apr 1918 Empire, NewcastleProfessional
22 Apr 1918 Empire Theatre, GlasgowProfessional
29 Apr 1918 Empire Theatre, EdinburghProfessional
6 May 1918 Hippodrome, PrestonProfessional
13 May 1918 Empire Theatre, LondonProfessional
20 May 1918 Empire Theatre, LondonProfessional
3 Jun 1918 Empire Theatre, LondonProfessional
10 Jun 1918 Empire Theatre, LeedsProfessional
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New cast with Tubby Edlin taking the lead role. 'Revised, rebuilt and recast ... its more subtle qualities have disappeared' (Yorkshire Evening Post, 11th June 1918).
17 Jun 1918 Olympia Theatre, LondonProfessional
24 Jun 1918 Hippodrome, SouthendProfessional
1 Jul 1918 Pleasure Gardens, FolkestoneProfessional
8 Jul 1918 Hippodrome, BoscombeProfessional
22 Jul 1918 Grand Theatre, BirminghamProfessional
29 Jul 1918 Empire Theatre, NottinghamProfessional
19 Aug 1918 Hippodrome, BirkenheadProfessional
26 Aug 1918 Empire Theatre, EdinburghProfessional
2 Sep 1918 Empire Theatre, GlasgowProfessional
16 Sep 1918 Palace Theatre, HullProfessional
23 Sep 1918 Empire Theatre, SheffieldProfessional
7 Oct 1918 Empire Theatre, BirminghamProfessional
14 Oct 1918 Hippodrome, LondonProfessional
21 Oct 1918 Hippodrome, LondonProfessional
28 Oct 1918 King's Theatre, PortsmouthProfessional
11 Nov 1918 Empire Theatre, NottinghamProfessional
18 Nov 1918 Olympia, LiverpoolProfessional
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Harry Roxbury took over the male lead from Tubby Edlin.
25 Nov 1918 Empire Theatre, GlasgowProfessional
2 Dec 1918 Empire Theatre, LondonProfessional
9 Dec 1918 Hippodrome, LondonProfessional
16 Dec 1918 Hippodrome, IlfordProfessional
30 Dec 1918 Grand, SwanseaProfessional
6 Jan 1919 Empire Theatre, EdinburghProfessional
13 Jan 1919 Empire, NewcastleProfessional
20 Jan 1919 Empire Theatre, SheffieldProfessional
27 Jan 1919 Empire Theatre, LeedsProfessional