Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

The comedy, rather crude in its political satire and domestic humour, of an Irish election, with its scene, oddly enough, landed in London. Its hero, a young Nationalist MP, is in danger of losing his seat through the opposition of a professional agitator, whom he has offended by allowing his wife to be taken by her flighty mother into pseudo-fashionable society. To this his own worthy but unsympathetic mother objects: and the squabbles between the rival mothers-in-law occupy much of the talky play. In the house of a shady friend of her mother the heroine nearly comes to social and moral grief, thus imperilling her husband's re-election. In a confused manner, however, the plot is straightened out by the aid of a Parish priest: and the story ends happily with the birth of a child to the young wife, and the prospect of a more peaceful kind of 'Home rule' than her eccentric establishment has hitherto enjoyed. Recommended for licence. Ernest A. Bendall

Licensed On: 1 Jan 1915

License Number: 3118




British Library Reference: LCP1915/1

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66087 B


8 Jan 1915 Metropole Theatre, BootleUnknown Licensed Performance