Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

The first scene of this play is rather good in its way. Harry Sheldrake, coming home, as his father the general and his family believe, on leave, has to tell them that he gave way to a moment of fear at the front and has been cashiered. The general turns him out, making the villain Vernon, his younger brother, the heir; his fiancée Rosa, throws him over; the governess and heroine Esther, proclaims her love and belief in him; he swears that he will make good. The rest of the play, however, is silly melodrama, full of impossible incidents. Harry marries Esther and of course does make good - in the French foreign legion. Vernon marries Rosa. Harry returns dub but he recovers his speech on seeing a vision of Vernon and rose trying to poison the general. He arrives in time to repent this and after various criminal efforts by the villains Vernon is blinded and the good people are happy. It is all inoffensive. Recommended for license. G. S. Street

Licensed On: 11 Oct 1917

License Number: 1184




British Library Reference: LCP1917/20

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66175 N


24 Oct 1917 Prince’s Theatre, BlackburnUnknown Licensed Performance