Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

A quaint and very ingenuous [sic] mélange of spy-play, sporting melodrama, patriotic spectacle and domestic farce. It sets forth the story of a certain General Fleichman who, although apparently in the English army, is bent upon sending information to the German enemy. As accomplice he has a wife who had a child by her former lover, Colonel King, upon whom she now seeks to avenge her wrongs by stealing from him the usual secret dispatches. In this effort she is accidentally foiled by her own long-lost child, whose adventures with a company of strolling players afford the underplot. Interwoven with these tangled threads is that of a baffled attempt to drug a Derby favourite on the part of the wicked General, who in the end suffers, as does his female accomplice, for criminal folly by its punishment on the Belgian frontier. The whole play is wild nonsense but is quite harmless and is accordingly Recommended for license. Ernest A. Bendall

Licensed On: 24 Dec 1914

License Number: 3135

British Library Reference: LCP1914/38

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66086 H


4 Jan 1915 Theatre Royal, StratfordUnknown Licensed Performance