Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

This is a spy-play, with a plot depending upon the discovery that the intended victims of one set of spies - some Germans with their headquarters in the Albany - are themselves spies much shrewder than their brutal adversaries. One of these latter has in fact made the incredible blunder of engaging as his trusted English manservant a member of the French secret service, who naturally scores heavily when his German employer lures to his chambers a French actress with a view to robbing her of some secret plans for the defence of verdure. It is a case of the biter bit; if a trifle improbable it is showy enough in its theatrical way. Recommended for license. Ernest A. Bendall.

Licensed On: 31 May 1917

License Number: 979




British Library Reference: LCP1917/11

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66166 T


Date Theatre Type
4 Jun 1917 Pavilion, Leicester Unknown Licensed Performance
17 Sep 1917 Olympia Theatre, Shoreditch Professional
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Performed by Margot Delan (Fraizette de Meryon), Frederick Stevens (Rowland Ordeil), Charles Leslie (Vedal/Frampton), H Bryant (Karl Schonheim): ''The Silent Service' which emanates from John G Brandon's fertile pen, is by no means faultless, and it cannot be said that the story comes entirely within the limits of probability. Much of the dialogue is at present rendered with too 'foreign' an accent, and is delivered at such speed that it is not always easy to follow.' (The Stage, 20 September 1917). On the same bill were: Lorna and Toots Pounds (impersonators), George Mozart, Liane D'Eve (chic entertainment), Edie Veno (singer), Harry Freeman (comedian), Zella Vondi and company (dainty musical act), Minnie Muir (comedienne)
1 Oct 1917 Empire Theatre, Islington Professional
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Performed by Margot Delan (actor) and company: 'Islington audiences would appear to be mightily impressed with the fruitless efforts, and subsequent arrest, of the two enemy agents. The perfect sang froid displayed by Mlle. Delan during the bombardment on Monday is worthy of the highest praise.' (The Stage, 4 October 1917)
21 Oct 1917 Empire, Bristol Professional
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'Margot Delan .. was extremely successful in her clever business with the spy and his accomplice. It is a fine acting episode and she is well aided by her partners in the scene.' (Western Daily Press, 23 October 1917)
22 Apr 1918 Hippodrome, Birmingham Professional
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The cast were: Margot Delan (actor), Frederick Stevens (actor), Charles Leslie (actor), H Bryant (actor). ''The Silent Service' ... may be primarily designed to illustrate the alertness and astuteness of the Allied secret police, but beyond this and the opportunity which is afforded to Mlle Margot Delan for some clever acting, little can be claimed. Mlle Delan has a naturally vivacious manner, which is exhibited to the best advantage' (Birmingham Daily Post, 23 April 1918)
30 Sep 1918 Hippodrome, Lewisham Professional
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Margot Delan performed in the play. Performing in the same bill were: Florence Smithson, Malcolm Scott, Johnson Clark, Tom Stuart, Zetta Mor, Chas. Whittle, Cara Magda.
28 Oct 1918 Hippodrome, Rochdale Professional
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Performed by Margot Delan. In the same bill were: Brocks Cycling Maniacs, Royal Gothams (comic/vocal), Carlton Trio (musical), Two Wandas (pedestal equilibrists), Dancit (American Dancing Nugget).