Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

This long but very strong play tells, after the manner of the dramatized novel, the story of the marriage of a simple-minded honest wealthy young country-gentleman to an actress, who nearly ruins him by her snobbish extravagances when he takes her from the stage and allows her to revel in unwonted luxury in the society of her declasses friends. Her fast aimless life in places like Monte Carlo (just before the war) leads to her nearly becoming the prey of an adventurer to whom, more from idleness than anything else, she has given a compromising assignation, interrupted by the appearance of the husband, who tells her of their financial troubles and, after a painful scene of quarrelling, forcibly takes her back home for another start in life. His relations prove very kind in trying to keep the shiftless ménage going, and of course the impossible wife contrives to grow jealous of her most valuable helper, her husband’s devoted cousin. Then once again the wretched creature meditates, and even attempts, elopement with her wastrel admirer, from whom she is once more saved, partly by her long-suffering spouse and partly by his loyal friends. Finally the outbreak of war, with the wounding of her husband and the general bouleversement of social life clears the air for the heroine’s undeserved rehabilitation and the hero's improbable matrimonial happiness. Recommended for license Ernest A. Bendall.

Researcher's Summary:

The only reference to a play of this name is a notice in The Globe of 13 December 1915: ‘Mrs. Willie Allen, wife of the theatrical printer, once Miss Cissie Grahame, the actress, has written a play called 'A Theatrical Marriage', which will shortly be done at the West End’. No evidence that the play was performed has been found. Cissie Grahame was the stage name of Sarah Collett Gibson (1862-1944).

Licensed On: 29 May 1917

License Number: 974



British Library Reference: LCP1917/11

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66166 O


30 May 1917 Theatre Royal, LeedsUnknown Licensed Performance