Great War Theatre

Examiner of Plays' Summary:

A spy play, the point of which is that the audience thinks, wrongly, that one of the characters is a spy up to the last moment. The weakness, of course, is that after the first night the secret is out. The scene is laid in Gibraltar. In the first act Almer, a real spy, runs the hotel splendid. To him comes Captain Woodhouse, just arrived to join as a member of the signal corps. It appears in a conversation between the two that woodhouse is really a spy from Berlin, come to blow up the British fleet when it arrives in the straits. The other two scenes are in the governor general’s house. There are minor matters concerning various stranded Americans who are befriended by the general’s wife, Lady Crandall. One of them is a young woman who has met woodhouse in Berlin; he makes her promise not to tell, and there is a love affair between them. Another American says she has seen him in Berlin. All this is to make the audience think he is really a spy. Another real spy is the general’s Indian servant, with a grudge against the English. The spy business proceeds and the climax is reached with the Indian’s holding up the general while he telephones to Woodhouse to fire the mines. But Woodhouse breaks in, has the Indian arrested, and explains that he is an English secret service man who took the place of the German spy when the latter was going to impersonate the real Woodhouse, who had been wounded. The play ends with the love interest it is rather well-written stuff, though of course the plot is absurd. Like most other spy plays it is too remote from anything which could really happen to raise any military objection, I imagine, even though the scene is laid in Gibraltar. I presume, however, that there is no actual ‘hotel splendide’ I presume, however, that there is no actual ‘Hotel Splendide’ there; that would be unfair. Recommended for license. G. S. Street. I think there is real danger in suggesting an Indian might be a spy. Undertaking given that character will be absolutely nondescript and every reference to India eliminated (GS)

Researcher's Summary:

After completing a solid run in August 1921, the first film adaptation of the play was premiered in September 1921. The chief roles in the film were taken by Lewis S. Stone and Marguerite Clayton. The play was seen sporadically over the remainder of the 1920s. In October 1930 a new 'talkie' adaptation of the film was seen. It featured Betty Compson, William von Brincken, Ralph Forbes, Reginald Sharland, Montagu Love, Ivan Simpson and Betty Carter.

Licensed On: 15 May 1917

License Number: 952



British Library Reference: LCP1917/10

British Library Classmark: Add MS 66165 N


21 May 1917 Apollo, LondonUnknown Licensed Performance
23 May 1917 Apollo, LondonProfessional
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The show played at the Apollo for almost a year until 13/4/1918. Two other companies, known as Red Co and Blue Co, toured the country, often with performances in different cities during the same week! Cast at the Apollo: Eille Norwood (Captain Woodhouse), Frederick Ross (George Crandall), Edward Dagnall (Henry J Sherman), Ida Adams (Jane Gerson), Grace Lane (Lady Crandall), Lewin Mannering (Yucca Len), Franc Stoney (Major Bishop), E Jack Caldwell (Willie Kimball), Gerard Clifton (Mr Clapper), Sydney C Sinclair (Sergeant Crosby), Philip Knox (Joseph Almer), Ernest Leverett (Fritz), George Nicholls (Orderly), Sinna St Clair (Mrs Sherman), Beatrice Hunt (Kitty Sherman), Dulcie Benson (Maria), Estelle Van Gene (Mina)
6 Aug 1917 Gaiety Theatre, HastingsProfessional
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First 3 days of the week.
9 Aug 1917 Pleasure Gardens, FolkestoneProfessional
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Last 3 days of the week after Hastings.
13 Aug 1917 Hippodrome, CroydonProfessional
20 Aug 1917 ?, LondonProfessional
10 Sep 1917 Palace, WatfordProfessional
17 Sep 1917 Hippodrome, RichmondProfessional
1 Oct 1917 Pleasure Gardens, FolkestoneProfessional
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3 nights only
1 Oct 1917 Pavilion Theatre, LondonProfessional
4 Oct 1917 Park Theatre, EastbourneProfessional
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Last 3 days of same week as Folkestone
8 Oct 1917 Grand, BlackpoolProfessional
8 Oct 1917 Theatre Royal, AldershotProfessional
15 Oct 1917 Grand Theatre, SouthamptonProfessional
15 Oct 1917 Empire Theatre, BradfordProfessional
22 Oct 1917 Theatre Royal, PortsmouthProfessional
22 Oct 1917 Empire Theatre, SheffieldProfessional
22 Oct 1917 Empire Theatre, LeedsProfessional
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5 matinees only
29 Oct 1917 Olympia, LiverpoolProfessional
29 Oct 1917 New Theatre, OxfordProfessional
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3 days only
1 Nov 1917 Theatre Royal, LeamingtonProfessional
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3 days only
5 Nov 1917 Hippodrome, NottinghamProfessional
12 Nov 1917 Theatre Royal, BirminghamProfessional
12 Nov 1917 Theatre Royal, WimbledonProfessional
19 Nov 1917 King's Theatre, LondonProfessional
19 Nov 1917 Theatre Royal, BrightonProfessional
26 Nov 1917 Royal County Theatre, ReadingProfessional
26 Nov 1917 Theatre Royal, PlymouthProfessional
3 Dec 1917 New Theatre, CardiffProfessional
3 Dec 1917 Hippodrome, LondonProfessional
10 Dec 1917 Hippodrome, LondonProfessional
10 Dec 1917 Theatre Royal, BournemouthProfessional
17 Dec 1917 Hippodrome, LondonProfessional
18 Jan 1918 Hippodrome, LondonProfessional
21 Jan 1918 Dalston Theatre, LondonProfessional
21 Jan 1918 Empire, SouthendProfessional
28 Jan 1918 Empire Theatre, Kingston-upon-ThamesProfessional
28 Jan 1918 Olympia Theatre, LondonProfessional
4 Feb 1918 Borough Theatre, LondonProfessional
8 Feb 1918 St Dunstan's Hostel, LondonProfessional
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One perfromance only in aid of blind soldiers.
18 Feb 1918 Opera House, LeicesterProfessional
25 Feb 1918 Grand Theatre, DerbyProfessional
25 Feb 1918 ?, LondonProfessional
4 Mar 1918 Pavilion, GlasgowProfessional
4 Mar 1918 Royalty Theatre, ChesterProfessional
11 Mar 1918 King's Theatre, EdinburghProfessional
18 Mar 1918 Tyne Theatre, NewcastleProfessional
25 Mar 1918 Grand Theatre, OldhamProfessional
8 Apr 1918 King's Theatre, DundeeProfessional
8 Apr 1918 Theatre Royal, LiverpoolProfessional
15 Apr 1918 New Theatre, CambridgeProfessional
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3 nights only
15 Apr 1918 Theatre Royal, YorkProfessional
22 Apr 1918 Empire, SwindonProfessional
22 Apr 1918 Prince of Wales' Theatre, GrimsbyProfessional
29 Apr 1918 Grand Theatre, HullProfessional
29 Apr 1918 Lyceum Theatre, NewportProfessional
6 May 1918 Hippodrome, LondonProfessional
13 May 1918 Hippodrome, IlfordProfessional
13 May 1918 Theatre Royal, GuildfordProfessional
20 May 1918 ?, EastbourneProfessional
27 May 1918 Gaiety Theatre, HastingsProfessional
3 Jun 1918 Pleasure Gardens, FolkestoneProfessional
22 Jul 1918 Grand, BlackpoolProfessional
29 Jul 1918 Palace Theatre, ManchesterProfessional
5 Aug 1918 Shakespeare Theatre, LiverpoolProfessional
5 Aug 1918 County Theatre, BedfordProfessional
12 Aug 1918 Grand Theatre, HullProfessional
19 Aug 1918 Grand Theatre, LeedsProfessional
19 Aug 1918 Grand Theatre, MansfieldProfessional
26 Aug 1918 Theatre Royal, RochdaleProfessional
26 Aug 1918 Grand, SwanseaProfessional
9 Sep 1918 Empire Theatre, PrestonProfessional
16 Sep 1918 Theatre Royal, GranthamProfessional
16 Sep 1918 Winter Gardens, New BrightonProfessional
23 Sep 1918 Theatre Royal, LincolnProfessional
23 Sep 1918 Grand Opera House, MiddlesboroughProfessional
30 Sep 1918 Royal Court Theatre, WiganProfessional
21 Oct 1918 Royal County Theatre, ReadingProfessional
28 Oct 1918 King's Theatre, EdinburghProfessional
11 Nov 1918 Grand Theatre, CroydonProfessional
11 Nov 1918 Empire Theatre, SheffieldProfessional
29 Mar 1920 Junction Theatre, ManchesterProfessional
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Produced by Messrs Egginton and Porteous. Cast including William Heilbron and May Moffatt Jane Gerson.
5 Apr 1920 Osborne Theatre, ManchesterProfessional
12 Apr 1920 Coliseum, EcclesProfessional
19 Apr 1920 King's Theatre, ManchesterProfessional
26 Apr 1920 Grand Theatre, NelsonProfessional
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Performed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
10 May 1920 Grand Theatre, DealProfessional
17 May 1920 Worthing Theatre, WorthingProfessional
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Performed Monday-Wednesday at 8, with matinee at 2.30 Wednesday.
1 Jun 1920 Hippodrome, RugbyProfessional
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Performed Monday-Wednesday and Saturday.
7 Jun 1920 Hippodrome, BurslemProfessional
5 Jul 1920 Theatre Royal, BognorProfessional
12 Jul 1920 Theatre Royal, BognorProfessional
24 Aug 1921 Lounge Theatre, NottinghamProfessional
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Performed Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
26 Jul 1926 King's Theatre, ManchesterProfessional
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Presented by the Broadhead Players with cast including C. Hamilton Langham, Edward Terry, Lewis Nanton, Winifred Wayne, and Marie Paxton.
2 Mar 1927 Y.M.C.A, LiverpoolAmateur
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Presented by the Red Triangle Amateur Dramatic Society on Wednesday and Thursday 2 and 3 March.
15 Aug 1927 Palace Theatre, AberdeenProfessional
15 Aug 1927 Palace Theatre, AberdeenProfessional
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Presented by the Arthur Hinton company.
15 Sep 1927 Theatre Royal, DarlingtonProfessional
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Presented Thursday-Saturday by the Royal Repertory Players.
23 Apr 1928 Playhouse, BroadstairsProfessional
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One-night only at 8.30 presented by Lena Anderson and company.
27 Apr 1928 West Cliff Concert Hall, RamsgateProfessional
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Presented by the Broadhead company.
14 May 1928 Royal and Empire Theatre, PeterboroughProfessional
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Presented by the Langley Howard Players
18 Jun 1928 Prince of Wales Theatre, RugbyProfessional
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Presented Monday-Weds
18 Mar 1929 Victoria Opera House, BurnleyProfessional
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Performed for the week once nightly, twice nightly on Saturday by the Beric Hammersleigh Repertory Company.
27 Apr 1929 King's Hall Theatre, Covent Garden, LondonAmateur
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Presented by the Bancroft Dramatic Club as the last performance of the season.
3 Mar 1930 Pavilion Theatre, SheernessProfessional
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Presented by the Grant Anderson repertory company.